Greg Rolfe en Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Directors and Executives Pastor • Beacon Hill. Baptist Church 18/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +300

Working with people

While I love my job there are times it is very frustrating. Why because I work with people. And people are often of great intent but faulty reasoning. We let emotions translate information instead of logic and reason. We let opinion overrule fact. Then my job is to clean it up.

It would be great if it was all one persons fault, but it never is. We have reaction and over reaction followed by whatever comes next. We then have fallout and even more opinions. Then the greatest problem is each one has some truth in their position. Each one is correct while being wrong. And it is never easy to separate the two.

Unity is the heart of any organization with the foundation being what they all believe in. The true issue is when we do not all believe the same thing, or in many situations forgetting what we stand together about. Emotions are tricky things particularly when we add personal agendas to the mix.

So next time you find yourself getting frustrated about a situation, look for what they are saying that you agree with instead of focusing on what you don’t. Find the aspect you both can stand on and then work from there. I expect the true issue is not near as large as you first believed.

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