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Hello ladies and gentlemen, First let me introduce myself to all of you and let you know that I am fairly new to the beBee blog. My name is Gregory S Summers and I just happen to be the sole proprietor and proud owner of my very own designed Computer repair and technical support operational service company. Basically i do it all. I am my own accountant and I write all of my budgets for this company. I do all of my own marketing for now, until things get out of hand and become to over whelming for me to handle. I designed the web service site for CFT using a networks free host server called instead of using my own servers to host my own site to save room on my computer systems. I have taken the time to configure my system to help me in analyzing other computer systems. I use all of my computers that I currently posses to help me in my business. I love working on others systems because of the challenges and issues that I come across to work on fix and make others happy. I love saving my clients from receiving a headache when their systems go AWOL. I love functioning Technical Support and doing troubleshooting analysis to find the challenges and issues in the clients computer systems. There are times when I just consult and get down do my work and come up with quick solutions which are generally accomplished for free. When I receive complicated cases then I get my clients permission to go inside of their system with the use of CFT's handy dandy remote access device. I do exploritories the same as a doctor would do inside of a human body only I am inside of your computers brains looking for where all the challenges and issues are lurking about. I look for all the bad guys first like Adware, Bad Bots, Hackers, Malware, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses, and any other suspicious activities that might be going to harm my client or computer system. I then move on to software programs to make sure they are not bugged up and are working well and in unison as they are supposed to. Then I move onto things like the firewalls, checkoutg the site, Thank you to see if all your securities are working properly including the securities that come inside and with the OS like Windows Defender. Once everything checks out inside of the clients computer I pullout, let my clients know exactly what I found and then depending on if there was an agreement to do the job in the beginning then I let my clients know what I fixed and then charge them my charge fee for Technical Support and then I send them on there way happily. And that is TS with a smile in all directions. I love also the challenge of Computer Repair. Computer Repair is taking the computer system physically apart and checking parts and components. This is called Hardware Repair where you deal with the structure of how the machine is put together. You check and see for bad components as such, processors, heat sinks, power supply and the list goes on. So in short what I do and perform is the duties that no one else wants to do because of their busy schedules and thinking oh well, I just have to go purchase another computer cause computers are getting less expensive, the issue here is that computers are not that cheap and it would be a waste of money and time to keep buying another computer every week when the one you have will be just fine once repaired or the challenge and issue get found out about and gets eliminated itself from being found. This is what I do folks and what I love doing and it is now primarily my life's work. I am very good thorough what i do in computer world both in the physical senses and  in Technical Support which are online fixes and repairs.I don't have a golden silk tongue, so i would make a terrible con. I am a doer and not a procrastinator. My company is open 24 / 7 to serve all those in need of computer assistance, computer repair or whatever the computer need is for CFT will take care of you and get the job done. If you would like CFT to help please checkout our web service site first and read the privacy policies, Terms conditions and agreements before you get started using CFT's  site. I am online on and off through out each day and night. When I see someone needing help I answer them right away and get the process started. So what are you waiting for if you have a computer that needs help contact CFT today through our web service site at:    CFT and Gregory look forward in fixing your computer and in doing 

 business with you. Thank you for coming and please come again! Sincerely, Mr. Gregory S Summers - Owner for CFT.

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Welcome Gregory, and thanks for sharing :-)

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