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Computer Repair, Technical Support Business for Locals as well as our Nation! See what CFT Provides!

CFT provides these services;

1) A web service site to get computer help from, to seekout solutions for your challenges. Receive free consultations and some quik free fixes for your system.

2) Chatting is free on the web service site of CFT to start receiving help.

3) Online Live Technical Support Daily! Our fee that we charge for one 24 hour session is just a flat rate fee of $35.00, see site for details.

4) Computer Repair for our local communities listed on our site. CFT charges $16.00 per hour plus any necassary expenses that are required for your computer system. CFT works with clients so that everyone is on the same page as to the repair being performed on the system in repair services. CFT uses genuine manufactured parts except when manufactures do not process parts for deleted old systems then CFT will use high quality generic parts for your system. See CFT's web service site for more details.

5) CFT offers Computer Maintenance, we will come out every season to check on your system clean it check for any software or hardware challenges and failures, fix what needs fixing put machine all back together, optimize and we're finished until the next maintenance. CFT's maintenance program is $50.00 plus expenses and is only available for our local communities as is computer repair. See more details at our service site.

6) CFT provides Free computer pickup and return for local community clients that have computers in need of repair. See service site for more details today!

7) CFT sells brand named computers from off of web service site of CFT.

8) CFT provides quality soutions for all your computer needs!

9) CFT provides friendly good sound computer services for our local communities as well as for our entire Nation. See site for the details.

10) CFT is a site to serve everyone who has computer issues, CFt does it with live people and no automatic systems to answer to, real people working with real people through computers and the internet. CFT provides top notch quality for everyone. Some services are limited outside of our local communities.

Here is the web service site for CFT--->

I Gregory S Summers really do look forward to meeting you and fixing all your computer challenges. Thank you for coming and reading this summary, sincerely, Gregory.

Computer Repair, Technical Support Business for Locals as well as our Nation! See what CFT Provides!