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I do not have the money – Handle objections in Network Marketing with Gregory Troy

I do not have the money – Handle objections in Network Marketing

November 9, 2016 by Greg Troy 

Hello business builders, today we will discuss an objection that always will be around, does not matter we live in a good or a bad economy. Just a kind reminder: never let this objection to let you down. So what to say when they say “I don not have money”. 

How does it look like? You decide to build your own business, you go out, talk to people they pretend some kind of interest and they say:
“I do not have the money”
You feel that there is not enough people to have this money these days to start up with, though most MLM companies provide you 3 different start up KITS for different price, from a £200-£300 up to £1200 or even more.

When I started I did not get the money but I found a way to get it. I never forget the story how Tim Sales started his network marketing  career. He did not have the money so his sponsor asked him:
“If you sell 5 starting kits than from the profit you can start your business.”
He sold 28 of those KITS.

But get back to the objection I don’t have the money;
WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO SAY: what you have told me that is not allow me to think that my money is best spent there.

Would you put money somewhere if you are not sure you have support, knowledge, help, and training behind? Would you put there your future?
Would you invest your time, energy and money?

My answer is:
“Just look what is you saying. You do not have a couple of hundreds to start your own business, work for your future, move away from the financial insecurity. When you can see that is changing?”

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I hope you got some useful information out of this post.  It’d be great if you’d give me some feedback!


Take Care!

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