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Fantastic Curriculum


Who wants to know my real curriculum, please enter in my profile.
But ... this is my resume, eh, eh:

Fantastic Curriculum

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                                                                           Guilherme Schneider Loro

1. Introduction

I have a background in Electrical Engineering, Post-doc, PhD, MSC and MBA in the same. Ten years of experience in the profession, acting in the most important international companies. Responsible for most of the world technological development of Electrical Engineering. Domain of ten languages.

2. Table of contents

Post-doc at MIT, PhD (2010) at Cambridge, masters (2007) by Oxford and graduate at Sorbonne, being the discoverer of Bionic artificial vision for the blinds which is equivalent to the natural human vision in all aspects. The same for hearing impaired, with device that is equivalent in all the natural human hearing. Electronic course about espionage at the CIA and the KGB, on vacations from the Sorbonne. In the companies, responsible for the development of the last generation Intel processors and the ones to come in the next few years , primary developer of Windows 10, 8 and 7. Responsible for the NASA project who will lead the humans to Mars.

3. Latest experiences

Company/position/period: end-begin/assignments

1. Intel/electronic engineer/2016.07-2010.03/development of processors

2. Microsoft/software engineer/2016.07-2010.03/development of Windows 10, 8 and 7.

3. Nasa/electrical engineer/2016.07-2010.03/author and developer of the project that will take the man to Mars

4. European Space Agency/electrical engineer/1996.12-1992.03/author of the project of the probe that was to the Sun

4. Summary