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Cost Reduction. Temporary Labor. The Actual Results We Have Achieved

Cost Reduction. Temporary Labor. The Actual Results We Have Achieved

Parry, Murphy and Associates has a proven track record for lowering supplier prices on anything your organization could need. If your organization is looking to cut costs from external sources, we're here to help you.

Lower Your External Costs with Our Unique Proven Process

Over the years, Parry, Murphy and Associates has helped organizations:

  • to obtain lower pricing,
  • from existing, alternative or new suppliers,
  • without negatively impacting quality and / or service,
  • while improving relationships.

Whether you are buying product to resell, use in your manufacturing operations, equipment to run your operations, or in your SG&A area, our process is guaranteed to cut your costs and improve your bottom line. You could even pass some of the savings on to your customers, improving loyalty, retention, and references to bring in more business.

Cost Reduction. Temporary Labor. The Actual Results We Have Achieved

Our Track Record

The results we achieve are clearly measurable and we share some of the results with you here. As you'll see, we can even help when there are exceptional circumstances at play. Here are just some actual examples:

Raw Materials & Products - Up to 40%

Capital Expenditures - Up to 33%

Building Leases - 10%, 3 years prior to lease expiration

Printing Costs - Up to 15% Plus 6-Figure renewal bonus

Packaging Supplies - Up to 15%

Software Licensing - Up to 20%, 18 months before expiration

Canteen Services - Up to 10%

Freight - Up to 30%

Temporary Labor Rates - Up to 33%, most Temp agencies have a flaw in their pricing structure that results in excessive pricing

Waste Disposal - Up to 60%

Rebate Programs - Up to 7 figures

Steel - Additional price reductions over client's best price up to 3%

Customer Selected Urethane Supplier - 10%

Large Communication System - 100% - This is not a misprint

Purchase of Services Previously Done in-House - 30% & retroactive refund

Convenience Stores - 16% to 45% Lower pricing from major soft drink supplier

Food Services - 9% price reduction from a major food supplier

Reduction from sole US supplier of hospital capital equipment where client only got PMA involved 17 days prior to shipment and after telling vendor they urgently needed their equipment – 8%

Fasteners - 35%

Nearly all of the above savings came from existing suppliers, often with an improvement in terms, warranties and credit limits.

Should this be something that you would be interested in discussing with us feel free to contact me.