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The Use of mobile phone

The use of mobile phones by young people and adults is reaching alarming levels. In theaters, for example, it is common for some people to be with their cell phone turned on in full projection of the movie, disturbing the viewers of the room with the screen light. It is necessary to think about others and if the norms of the cinemas say that it is obligatory to keep the cell phone off or in silence during the movie to pay attention, for the good of all.

It seems incredible that there are people who are not able to be in the movie theater for two hours without looking at their mobile phone at all times. Certainly, I am fully aware of the great benefits that mobile phones have brought us. Although it is necessary to know how to use them.

The addiction is coming when a part of the users of them practically seems to carry the mobile phones attached to their hands and look at them hundreds of times every day. And they send more than one hundred wasaps daily. And it is that with 300 or 400 wasap contacts that can have many subjects, mostly teenagers, the risk of message traffic is somewhat continuous is understood.

If this is added the fashion of selfies and games, videos and applications there is little left to say. It is as if there were only the use of mobile phones in their lives.

Of course, everyone is very free to do what they want with their lives, but always respecting others. It is also true, everything must be said, that a part of the people if they make responsible use of the mobile.

It is necessary that many people who use the mobile excessively realize minimum standards of use that are common sense. Mobile phones are a very useful technological tool in many ways, but they should be used accordingly and not, without any kind of limit or conditions, since in our social or public life we ​​must respect our fellow men.

No wonder that in the Community of Madrid from September 2020 the use of mobile phones in institutes and schools is prohibited. This regulation I suppose is the result of the loss of time and concentration that you are noticing in the classrooms of the educational centers of Madrid because of the misuse of mobile phones in class.

If they were used to really learn or to search for information and content indicated by teachers, exclusively, there would be no problems.

The point is that many teenagers take the opportunity to enter other contents that are not those indicated by teachers. It is also necessary to say that many students do know how to use their mobile phone well in their learning by discovery in the classes, with the direction of their teacher.

The problem is that if we talk about large numbers, things get complicated and in Madrid they have decided to cut their heads to avoid major evils: lack of attention to teachers' explanations, wasted time, continuous distractions in class, and so on.

Even when driving vehicles, it has been shown that a two-second delay can cause a serious or fatal accident, by looking at the wasap or replying to the messages.

The rehabilitation centers for mobile addiction have already appeared on several Spanish television networks as news of interest. It is not uncommon for them to dedicate television reports to this problem, because it affects many people in Spain.

Even at night many young people and adults are still hooked to the mobile until late at night impairing their rest or sleeping less than necessary. What can have an impact on their work performance or on their learning in the case of students. Although, this is already part of the private life of each individual.

I am sure that by ordering the periods of activity a bit during the day you can use the mobile phone properly and get a great performance without disturbing others and enhancing personal success. Putting some order in life is the priority to avoid all these problems that I have described succinctly but clearly enough. In the face of the chaos of existence it is clear that it is best not to be chaotic.

The Use of mobile phone

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Since the land line why human health deteriorates. Wonderful human rendition @Hannah Cotz