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About me

About me

Hi!   My name is Hannah Fuller, I'm 31 years old and I am a financial director at a contemporary laboratory and diagnostic facility. I have been working in my career for about 6 years now. I consciously made a decision to secure higher education within this speciality since I like the career and what it could give me. I attempt to grow comprehensively and like to acquire new understanding.

My love of traveling proved itself once we have been in Barcelona. My friends rented a minibus, which improved the town experience repeatedly. Since that time, Barcelona has become one of the favourite cities. The next year we travelled independently to Paris, then to Italy and Vienna, then back to Italy and Spain, then Germany, and to Italy and Austria, etc.. Simply speaking, I got in to taste, infecting individuals around me with my enthusiasm, first and foremost my future wife.

 Incidentally, our wedding travel was also an independent one. At least take away over 2,500 photos of opinions. We're lucky to see different cities, live in several French families, taste amazing vegetarian cuisine and also have enough time to get used to the assortment of cheeses, drive for 24 hours without a rest, hitchhikeand swim in the sea, then go to the mountains, and almost miss the airplane, and spend the night at the airport twice, roam with backpacks until 4 am searching for a resort. As soon as I returned from my trip round Europe, I again realised to myself that in order to immerse myself fully, I need to be in the country for more time. And not to grow the number of places visited, but to find a feeling of the feeling and lifestyle of individuals, to have the ability to live a normal non-tourist life. Simply to see, merely to walk, just to work, simply to reside and so on.

No other kind of tourism may compare to bus tourism concerning the richness of the programme, the abundance of shades and beliefs from just 1 trip, during which you will observe several countries and cross several boundaries. An individual way of organising a trip to each city is going to be organized from the car rental organisation https://8rental.com/ . You will see the sights, feel the national characteristics, compare these, assess them and make your choice: where will you go next time!