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Social Media Marketing

I am a social media marketer who thrives in the fashion, beauty and fitness industries.  I will help build your brand and gain the necessary following that will help your business flourish.  I have a bachelors in Public Relations from Barry University in Miami, FL and a solid resume chuck full of viable experience. 

I established my business, Blonde Boss Media, in 2016, where I help small businesses with their social media management.  I also offer add-on services including but not limited to: 

  • Blog writing
  • Email Blast
  • Press Release writing & Distribution 
  • Newsletter writing 
  • Media Training
  • Personal Wardrobe Styling 

I am a very small company and I pride myself on offering personalized services for each client.  My prices are affordable according to your budget and I like to keep in constant contact by holding monthly in-person or phone meetings to make sure everything is up to speed.  I am open to working with businesses all over the U.S. not just New Hampshire or New England.  

About me, Hannah Greenwood:  

I am 26 years old. Originally from Manchester, NH.  I majored in public relations but decided to follow my passion for online marketing.  I love to write and learning new skills.  I currently work with a handful of local clients who are of different industries. I never take more than one of the same industry.  I see my clients as my friends and we help each other as we go!  I am always open to your suggestions and constructive criticism because I want to be constantly improving.  I am trying to get into the fashion styling world and I aim to eventually help dress business people of all types to make them feel their most confident!  

Please feel free to reach out to me to chat, collaborate and follow my business pages @BlondeBossMedia.  

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