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A case for Mindfulness  : There is so much talk these days about mindfulness  : for health and wellness, for personal development, for stress management, etc.  And rightly so !  Without being aware and mindful, self-management and the quest for happiness don't even begin.

And yet, meditation is not just mindfulness, as most people in the West understand ; it is a lot more than just that. In fact, mindfulness is awareness that ends in Dharana (concentration) which culminates into Dhyan or Meditation. Meditation finally ends in Samadhi, the final union, in which the Observer-Observed-Observation - they all unite and become one.

Understanding the Mind & Brain  : The mind belongs to the individualized part of Unified Consciousness, defined by  time and space co-ordinates, and it borrows its sentient faculties from the incarnate soul. It is finer than both matter and energy. In an individual, the mind is above the body and is the head of the senses.

Mind is not just the brain but it includes and operates it ; the brain is like a hardware. It's an organ - with a location , a birth (the brain starts shaping up soon after the embryo formation), a death (brain death, and not the heartbeat stoppage, is the final clinical death), a shape (similar to walnut kernel), a weight (about 3 pounds for an adult brain), a configurat