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'AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI' is a life-transforming spiritual classic, available in 41 languages globally. It is by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda who did pioneering work in uniting the essential teachings of Lord Krishna with those of Jesus Christ, and actually lived 'love for God' as service to all beings. Steve Jobs had this as the only book on his personal iPad and he pre-planned to present a copy of this book for each of those who attended his Stanford memorial service. To know more about the mission and worldwide humanitarian work of the two non-sectarian spiritual organizations the Master himself founded, please visit www.yssofindia.org in India,  or www.yogananda-srf.org globally.


In Chapter 1 of the book, the Master writes : 

Father first met Lahiri Mahasaya through Abinash Babu, an employee in the Gorakhpur office of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway. Abinash instructed my young ears with engrossing tales of many Indian saints. He invariably concluded with a tribute to the superior glories of his own guru.

"Did you ever hear of the extraordinary circumstances under which your father became a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya?"

It was on a lazy summer afternoon, as Abinash and I sat together in the compound of my home, that he put this intriguing question. I shook my head with a smile of anticipation.

"Years ago, before you were born, I asked my superior officer-your father-to give me a week's leave from my Gorakhpur duties in order to visit my guru in Benares. Your father ridiculed my plan.

"'Are you going to become a religious fanatic?' he inquired. 'Concentrate on your office work if you want to forge ahead.'

"Sadly walking home along a woodland path that day, I met your father in a palanquin. He dismissed his servants and conveyance, and fell into step beside me. Seeking to console me, he pointed out the advantages of striving for worldly success. But I heard him listlessly. My heart was repeating: 'Lahiri Mahasaya! I cannot live without seeing you!'

"Our path took us to the edge of a tranquil field, where the rays of the late afternoon sun were still crowning the tall ripple of the wild grass. We paused in admiration. There in the field, only a few yards from us, the form of my great guru suddenly appeared! 1-9

"'Bhagabati, you are too hard