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Leadership is a journey from self to Self !

Leadership is a journey from self to Self !

Many people say, "Love yourself". They say charity begins at home i.e. with yourself and unless your love yourself, you cannot love others. They are right.

Others tell you not to focus too hard on yourself, but serve and love others. They are right too !

So, is there a dichotomy, a confusing contradiction ? Not really, if we understand. And this understanding can make us better leaders, for leadership like charity begins at 'home' i.e. with oneself. 

Each of us has not one SELF but two. A lower self of ego-mind-body complex that thinks of only likes and dislikes, desires and passions of a selfish nature. It's the den of greed and all that is negative.

Then there is a higher Self which is our soul - our essence, the Divine in us.

When the Self that is the soul - a vibrant, living reflection of of Spirit in each of us, takes the lead, progress happens. When the ego, that is pseudo-soul, a living reflection of Maya or Cosmic Delusion (Satan) is us dominates, there are problems, conflicts and stress. The two are at war constantly in each of us, until we find enlightenment.

The world is a school, every experience is a lesson. Progress is a journey, life is a journey - not in time and space but in consciousness : from ego to soul, and this journey may take not only years, but countless lives, to complete.

Each of is like a chariot wherein the steeds are the senses, the rein is the sensory mind, the charioteer is the reasoning / discriminating intellect, and the owner inside is the soul.

When the soul illumines the intellect through intuitive understanding / wisdom (which best comes through meditation), and the intellect guides the sensory mind with calm reason, then the mind can in turn control the senses and the chariot moves ahead on the highway to eventual Self-actualization.

So, in the battle that everyday life is, introspect and manage yourself. And what does managing oneself mean ? Motivating the lower self in times of adversity, regulating, disciplining it in times of temptation, practicing gratitude and sharing in times of success, taking heart in times of failure, taking care of one's needs but doggedly fighting all one's greeds, loving and serving others as one's extensions, etc.

Uddharet atmana atmanam, na atmanam avasadayet ... says one scripture (Raise your self by your Self).

'The kingdom of God is within you', assures another scripture.

We don't need to seek spirituality. We are already spiritual beings playing human roles, we only need to realize and manifest this in our daily conduct - no matter what our nationality, religion, socio-economic status, calling, gender, etc. We should never give up, never say we are sinners, or worthless. That is an insult