Hans Dholakia en Attitude, beBee in English, HR Directors Founder-President • Holistic Health & Luminous Learning Inc. 23/9/2016 · 3 min de lectura · +300


Gratitude and happiness nourish each other. When we are grateful, we are happy. We should not think that we can outsmart this divine law, and sustain the tree of happiness without nourishing it with waters of gratitude.

If we are happy and not grateful, our happiness soon wanes. We always have a choice - about being grateful for what we have in life, or crib about what we don't. Understanding this is actually very vital to life.

Let us understand why gratitude nurtures happiness. An ancient saying in India is, 'Yatha drishti. tatha srishti' which means the creation is as you choose to see it. There is no absolute reality in this creation ; the realities that we experience are those that our thoughts and perceptions create ; since we choose to think and perceive differently, the way we find the world - the same world - differs from person to person, and even for the same person, from time to time. Out there, we just have some energy fields which our brains decode into what we perceive.

We feel gratitude only when we see good - i.e. when we choose to see good, and seeing good makes us happy. We crib when we choose to see what we do not like, and that makes us unhappy.

When we thank someone, not only the person who is thanked feels happy because we all like to be appreciated, loved and cherished, but we too do so, provided our thanksgiving is sincere and deep-rooted. Appreciation puts us into a positive mode of thoughts, and that feeling is intra-active and self-fulfilling.

There have been great souls who could see good even in great tests and trials, and that actually sustained them through those experiences.

The whole universe is minutely configured to sustain life and evolution. In one second, the earth receives more energy from the sun than the total energy civilized man has so far been able to generate by all means put together ; in fact without sunl