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Your life  is  about you !

Your life  isn't  really about you.

Both are true. It all depends on where (which level of awareness) you come from, how you define your 'self' i.e. on the state of your consciousness.

First let us consider how YOUR LIFE ISN'T ABOUT YOU :

This world is not your show ; you did not come here by your free choice but came under karmic debts, you don't stay here at your will. Your unfulfilled desires make you incarnate again and again, until you have only one 'desireless desire' : To be your own essential Self or Spirit.

Think for a moment : Who digests your food ? If it was your human skill, why do you sometimes get an upset stomach and can't handle even a morsel of food while at other times you can relish and digest big feasts ?

When deep asleep, who flows your breath and ensures your heart continues to beat ?

On a cosmic scale, you are like a dot on a big ball of clay called earth which is a tiny part of our solar system. In the observable universe alone (which is an infinitesimally small part of the total universe which in turn is constantly expanding), there are one billion times one trillion (10 to the power of 21) stars - each of them a 'sun' with its own solar system ! Fairly mind-boggling, isn't that ?


And yet, as scientists like David darling ('Equations of Eternity') have said, the realities out there are actually not as they appear.

This little, cramped feeling of 'me' and 'mine' is ego. It shuts us out from the grand reality - the Only Reality.

A life not lived in loving service to fellow-beings is lived in vain. In service, your little self of ego expands ; your 'I' becomes 'We' until, eventually, 'We' would become 'All'.


In another blog, I earlier wrote how leadership - in fact, how all progress - is a journey in awareness - from self to Self :


So, you are not this body ; you just have it for 'some time' as your tool.

Ego is nothing but confined and confining body-awareness.

So if you think you are this body, if you identify with the ego, your life is not about you....


Now we come to the real YOU, the Self - your Soul or an indivisible part of Spirit.

You are the center of this universe. The theme, the purpose, the essence of this universe is YOU.

Stars throb in your bosom, for omnipresence is your essence.

It is you as Spirit  who can make and unmake galaxies in a jiffy.

All the wisdom is in your soul ; knowledge is merely unfolding of it in the world of phenomena.

You are not the body ('deh'), but that ('Dehi') that  animates it. It is body-identification that causes ego - the little, separative 'I'. Sharing and caring are signs of expansion, these can raise our consciousness to where it really belongs. 


'Ayam Atma Brahma, Tat Twam Asi, Aham Brahmasmi' - I am Spirit, says one scripture. 'The kingdom of heaven is within you', echoes another. 'Pragyanam Brahma' - Intuition is God. Intuition here is not intellectual learning but the supreme knowledge of Self or Truth. And, 'Truth can set us free'. 

You are the universe, for nothing except Spirit really exists. The rest is all illusion. Place is an illusion ; time is an illusion- they are relative, as Einstein said.

So depending on where your consciousness is centered, life is, or is not, about you.

Every moment we have this choice : What we identify with, where is our consciousness centered, is all that really matters.  As we think so we are !

Not matter, not energy, it is consciousness that is everything !

Let us break the hard shell of our ego and escape into the eternal freedom of Spirit. Let us expand from the little hide-bound 'I' to the vast, all-inclusive, Cosmic 'I'. That realization would be the Second Birth (the real meaning of 'Dwij' or twice-born), referred to in the Bible as well the ancient Upanishads. It is the second birth of consciousness - not a physical rebirth.


Life's secret is just that inner expansion, even as we struggle to acquire more health to a perishable body, more money of which not a penny we can take with us, and more power that cannot save us from certain death - the only certainty in a world of great uncertainties.

My Master, Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, a great East-West saint who lived and preached the truth of 'Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of One God' and whose body showed phenomenal incorruptibility for 20 days after his Mahasamadhi - a Yogi's final conscious exit from the body - in LA, California, USA on 7th March 1952 (a notarized certificate for which event appears in his globally-revered spiritual classic 'Autobiography of a Yogi'), says -

When this 'I' (of ego) will die, then will I know Who am 'I'  (the Spirit Immortal) !

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Hans Dholakia 26/9/2016 · #6

#1 Namaste, Deb. Thanks for your kind words. Have followed you, let's stay in touch and share learning.

No, that 'illness to wellness' quote wasn't mine, and I don't know who first wrote it. I share whatever I like.

We shall interact more. You may also like to see my 2-part reply to Peter's honest comment. An honest atheism is better than blind theism, as it can eventually lead to realized wisdom. 'Not this, not this'.... may eventually lead to 'Aha, yes this' ! Isn't that so ?

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Hans Dholakia 26/9/2016 · #5

#3 Cont'd :

Towards the end of your comment, you do agree we do not know whether God exists, whether Karma and rebirth are real etc. So, how can you so decidedly deny that they don't ? Let's keep our minds open, the moment we close them we turn dogmatic.

My God does not dictatorially sit on a judge's throne on the 9th cloud. He is my own Highest Self, my loftiest potential. That is same as yours, and everyone else's, regardless of nationality, culture, faith or skin color. Loving each other becomes easy when we see that Presence in each other.

There can be no work without someone doing it, so no creation without a creator. Science agrees that the universe is carefully calibrated for evolution of life and consciousness. Please read Psycho-neuro-immunology, Quantum Physics, neuro-cardiology research and you will know there is a Unified Consciousness - an omnipresent 'field' of energy and consciousness, everywhere. Does it matter whether we call that God or not ?

The harm that religions have done was not due to their inherent fault, or of the Pure Consciousness some people call God, it was the fault of over-zealous and blind followers - the dogmatic religionists - who did not understand their own religion but criticized others' and who thought their god was higher than others'. Spirit to be Spirit must be One, how can it be higher or lower?

But to discard spiritual wisdom for the faults of those blind religionists, is like 'throwing the baby with the bath-water'.

Let 'goodness' continue as love, compassion and goodwill - no problem what name we give it. Cheers ...

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Hans Dholakia 26/9/2016 · #4

#3 Dear Peter,

First of all thanks a lot for a candid comment. Yes, it is enough to be good, kind and loving. Religion is not necessary.

But I wasn't talking about religion, anyways ; I was talking about spirituality - and they are not the same thing. Religion can dogmatize, radicalize and divide people - it is actually doing it. Spirituality unites. I have witnessed the difference in my own life over the decades, but it was working every moment on my awareness. I wasn't born a Christian, but today in our home altar and in our hearts, beloved Christ is adored with Shri Krishna - he is so real. I respect scriptures of all faiths and try to learn from them, without being outwardly ritualistic. How could I do it ? Through spiritual teachings of my great Master Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (author of 'Autobiography of a Yogi', websites www.yogananda-srf.org and ww.yssofindia.org), and a 32-year long practice of Yoga, esp. Kriya Yoga - the highest science known to humanity. Spirituality is the common science, the essence of all religions.... cont'd

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Peter van Doorn 25/9/2016 · #3

I can only quote myself :"Yes, strange isn't it? The moment I was able to lose my ego, I somehow found me. If I can do that we all can.."

And I do not believe in any God.

I like what you say, but I think that maybe religion and the idea of karma have been misused to long. So has been the idea of re-incarnation. These ideas led people to accept their faith, hoping for redemption in the next or after-life. And others taking advantage of that. Even today, people blow themselves up happily.

After all the killing and suffering religion gave mankind, in the past and in the now, I don't see religion as a great selling point.

It is just my opinion, I know. But I think we can have a good message without any God, and just maybe that message will appeal to more people?
Again, I love your message. But the reason could also be: love and respect life.

A bit similar to leaving the protection of your loving parents to face the world on your own. Learning starts there. Good parents would have given you the tools to face difficulties. And then you face them, on your own. Maybe, very similar, it is time to grow ourselves.

What do we really know? We do not know whether there is a God or not, whether heaven and hell exists, whether we will or will not be born again, whether someone is tallying our karma. What we do know is that we live. Well, at least we experience life...

And if you grow to love life, you will be not able to love only your own life. If you love life truly, you are not able to love power or wealth. You can't.

You love life...and so everything that is living or gives you a chance to live (earth?). What was the last religion that loved life?

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Deb Helfrich 25/9/2016 · #1

What a tremendous resource this buzz is, @Hans Dholakia. So pleased to have bumped into you & welcome to beBee. I love the illness into wellness quote - is it yours?

"Every moment we have this choice : What we identify with, where is our consciousness centered, is all that really matters. As we think so we are !" I believe this whole-heartedly and I practice getting out of the legacy of my american mindset at every opportunity. But it does take practice, so I look forward to reading more of your work!

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