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Apple 'rests' in Valencia

Viccarbe, specialized in waiting areas, has furnished the offices of Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook and Adobe.

José Luis Garcia | 28.10.2016 Valencia |  Original: http://www.levante-emv.com/economia/2016/10/28/apple-descansa-beniparrell/1485031.html 

A furniture manufacturer from Valencia - Spain has become a traditional provider of the new technological empires and large corporations, such as Coca-Cola, providing their furniture for the waiting areas of their headquarters all over the world.

The Valencian firm Viccarbe, specializing in office furniture and waiting areas, has become in recent years the supplier of almost all the leading technology companies in the world. The company has just furnished the headquarters of Apple in Singapore and is in the process of doing the same in Tokyo (Japan).

Apple 'rests' in Valencia

It is a journey that began at the head offices of Microsoft in Finland five years ago. Since then, all large companies have called them for furniture at some of its sites. For example, Yahoo, furnished its headquarters in San Francisco with Viccarbe and Linkedin recently, at their offices in the Empire State (New York); also in New York, they have placed their furniture in the headquarters of Facebook, as well as in the offices of Google in London and the of Microsoft in Prague; or the Headquarters of Adobe, the giant of the software of design, in San José (California).

The company, founded in 1999 in Beniparrell, Valencia and led by Daniel Benedito, is recognized as a signature company of soft furniture, with their unique waiting area designs for hotels or large corporations.

In their client portfolio, aside from the technological companies, there are giants like Coca-Cola, for which they supplied design furniture for its offices in Toronto. They have also furnished waiting areas for fairs, or the library of the University of Sciences in Tokyo.

Apple 'rests' in Valencia

Among Viccarbe´s last works, explains Benedito from Cologne (Orgatec) office furniture fair, a new VIP waiting area which is located in the San Francisco Airport. Furthermore, the MoMA cafeteria in that city and the waiting areas of the Mexico CITY airport.

The company just inaugurated a new headquarters in a former lingerie factory of Beniparrell, Valencia. Viccarbe has a subsidiary in United States and licenses to a large manufacturer to sell some collections in exclusive. The global turnover is about ten million, with