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Strange but true...!!!!!

Strange but true...!!!!!

In spite of so many colors - Black & White is considered Class

In spite of so many voices words & sounds - Silence is considered ultimate.

In spite of so much to eat - Fasting is considered healthy.

In spite of so much to travel & explore - Meditating under trees & mountains is considered superior.

In spite of so much to see - Closing your eyes & looking within is Apex.

In spite of listening to all the outside world - Voice from inside You is eternal.

In spite of a Sweet charming Life - A Peaceful Soul is Solace & Divine.

Trust your Senses. Live a Great Life.

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#1 Thank you Sooo Much for your appreciation@Ali Anani this keeps me boosted to write more....

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Simply fantastic you are @harish daniel. Loved the deep meanings of your buzz and so shared proudly.