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Which leads to Success!!!

Which leads to Success!!!

These days, you hear a lot of talk about working smart. People often tell you, You don’t get anywhere by sheer hard work. 

Look at the people working at construction sites. They are working very hard, but are they getting anywhere in life?

If you want to achieve success, you need to work ‘smart’.

Such comments leave most of us in confusion. What happened to sayings like,

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”, or to the earlier prescription for success,

“Work hard and success will be yours.”
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Is it important to work hard or not? Of course, you have to be ‘smart’ about working hard, but hard work always pays. being smart or working smart is only half of the real story.

The fact remains that hard work and smart work must go hand in hand for you to be successful.  Smart work is about making right strategy, and following a disciplined work culture.

Hard works translate your vision and ideas into results. Working hard and working smart are not exclusive of each other. Smart work teaches you to be more productive with your time. If you are happy with the current level of success,
then smart work will allow you the luxury of not having to work as hard as you otherwise would.

But if you want to reach the pinnacle of success in your chosen field, then smart work alone won’t help. Many people think that hard work goes unnoticed. They believe that ‘smart’ about letting others know that you are working hard, you remain a drudge.

They call hard work a kind of drudgery. They are more interested in letting the ‘boss’ know that they are working hard. Their focus is in the wrong direction. hard work always gets noticed — not in the short run, but people can’t help but notice hard work. 

And the rewards follow without you having to push for them. Stop worrying about ‘hard work’ or ‘smart work’; you should concentrate on doing your best every day.

Thinking about rewards and results saps your energy, creating a ‘neediness’ in you. Rewards come to you when you are not looking for them . 

When you step out to work with a passion for doing your best, you will bring out the best in others as well! That itself is a great reward. Last but not least, you need to innovate and improve. You need to work hard as well as smart.

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Harish Daniel Mar 18, 2017 · #2

Thanks for your valuable comments @Robert Cormack

Robert Cormack Mar 18, 2017 · #1

Good post, @Harish Daniel. There's hard work, smart work and thankless work. Stick to the first two. If they become the third, move on. Thanks for the post.