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Today’s technology vs yesterday’s laborious work load

Today’s technology vs yesterday’s laborious work load

Imagine you went to sleep and then woke up for work in 1960. Now consider today’s working life environment. In today’s world due to developments in technology working environment has changed enormously as compared to work environment 40 years ago.

The manufacturing today is now depended on automation through various machines and robotics that are based on working independently and carrying out various processes of manufacturing. In the older times, manufacturing was dependent on the efforts of labour, which took longer times for completion of assigned tasks. Additionally, in today’s world the working environment has changed, now robots are being used in developed countries for performing different routine tasks. In today’s world labour market has changed immensely and also the job market is decreasing due to the increased adaptability of robotics and automated machines. It is predicted that for surviving in today’s world, a person much chooses that profession in which automation cannot be considered such as medical care where doctors will always be required; research areas where different assignment writers and research writers are present using their brain for carrying out research and professional services. These areas will be producing more jobs in the future.

In past four people of labour used to perform one task and now only one robot can do that task in quicker time hence the efficiency is increased immensely by the development of technology. In older times all the operations were monitored by the different people working in the factory, now due to an automated process in each work, the monitoring is being done by various automated machines providing real time data and values of what is required. These developments are reducing the workload on the people working but ultimately leading to a reduction in job opportunities. The development of technology is helping companies increase the production rate and meeting the urgent demand of customers quickly with no human errors. The work load now has been divided onto different robots and machines that perform assigned tasks quickly with 99% quality work.

People working in the manufacturing department are worried about their security of their job as technology is changing the working environment of the companies and jobs are getting lesser and lesser. The work load is now being divided on different machines for meeting high demands of production. The potential jobs are now being created by different small firms that cannot afford to adopt new technology and hence they are hiring labour. The work load has increased, but salary decreased because many people are jobless and ready to do the job on a small income. For remaining in the competition in older times, the increased workforce was required but in today’s world efficient management of technology is producing best results. People working in the factories are limited to only fewer departments that are HR, marketing, research and development, customer care etc. It is very early to say that in the future financial crisis can take place due to most of the workload being shifted on automation leaving behind people that were earlier involved in carrying out a particular task.