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Are you ready for in-stream shopping on Instagram with Shopify?

Sellers & Shoppers: The latest announcement is that soon you can do in-stream shopping on Instagram with Shopify. It is a win-win for everyone. Sellers will play the tune and shoppers will dance to it because now you will be able to make a purchase on Instagram itself.

Can’t imagine how it will look like? See for yourself:

Are you ready for in-stream shopping on Instagram with Shopify?

A simple yet unique feature, this will allow sellers to tag their products that are available for sale and enable payment in the Instagram app. This is not so good for shoppers like me because I can imagine myself spending money on Instagram as Instagram pictures have some convincing power for sure!

What Shopify has to say about it?

‘’With Shopify’s 500,000+ merchants in categories like fashion, jewelry, beauty, furniture, and home decor, it’s a perfect match to Instagram’s inspired community.’’ The feature is expected to be rolled out to selected Shopify merchants before the holiday season. And will be expanded to more merchants after the initial rollout.

What does this mean for the Shopify merchants?

Shopify never disappoints and this new feature means that you need to be prepared with all the amazing pictures of your products that will make an Instagrammer jump & purchase your product. It’s a massive shift for Instagram, so you should be on your feet to grab this opportunity and boost your sales.

This also brings us to the topic:

One-tap payment within social apps is going to be the next big thing?

Facebook and Pinterest have also initiated adding in-app payments. This gives us a clear clue that the mobile shopping experience with social media is going to be a big thing in the near future. The social websites anyway hate users leaving their site and enabling in-app payments is going to add more value to both customers and sellers.

Social media has become a major advertising platform and soon shifting to efficient selling platforms. It looks like there’s a lot to add to the schedule for sellers to keep themselves up to date!

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