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Free Will, How to keep it.

Free Will, How to keep it.Free will is our ability to change gears within any circumstances and move in a different direction. Sounds easy, until we realize those we will leave behind, who we may uproot or changes in social settings or personal brand.

In our younger days, before major commitments, free will was probably easier to execute. We grew up and maybe got married, children and career. Free will now challenges by the largesse of moving more than just you.

This is not necessarily the free will I believe is haunting us as humans. The free will I am referring to is our environmental conditioning.

Parents, religions, school and many other conditioning experiences tend to form our perspective. These are learned behaviors or conditioning. I have read the ham hock story in many illustrations. The story goes that everyone in a certain family always cut the ham hock off before cooking. No one could explain the habit. New uses for the departed piece were found. Finally someone asked the eldest family member why they did that, and they stated because the ham didn’t fit in any pan they had.

Our fears, anxieties or stressors come from somewhere. I find in leading others that I am usually dealing with performance because one of these ham hock issues is present. I call them filters. Filters impact our free will by exacting a price or cost to move forward that in reality doesn’t exist. They only exist because it was a fear or anxiety that was present during a period of time but is now gone. But the sub conscious feeling or filter is present.

Some filters/alarm bells, when we hear BS, are good filters. But when we are discussing stretching ourselves or our companies and the bells develop a death toll, it’s detrimental. I had a manager that would always lead with, what could go wrong. I had some conversations about how this may be a “ham hock” issue and we discussed possible times in their life they may have developed the fear of failure. I gave this individual a wooden coin with “no” written on it. I asked that they present everything they thought we need to be successful. If we couldn’t make it work in the end, pull out your “no”. But fight for the yes until you couldn’t anymore. It worked.

Free will lies in our ability to challenge our fears and anxieties through understanding where they came from. I can remember every time we picked up sticks to sword fight as kids I would hear,” don’t do that you will poke your eye out” To this day I get anxious when I get near a broom. Well, my wife didn’t buy it either, I just put on my safety glasses and sweep.

When you feel the fear or anxiety approaching in discussions, realize you can say no anytime; support the effort until you see the right way to go. Don’t lead with fear.


Timothy welch 6/1/2018 · #19

#18 i know i just stir the pot for fun

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Harvey Lloyd 5/1/2018 · #18

#17 I believe you may have misinterpreted my comments on the star wars thing. I am agreeing with you. I was only offering up an explanation of why it may look different. We are no longer the demographic the franchise is wanting to entertain.

Thanks for the comment here and sorry for my lack of clarity on the star wars comment.

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Timothy welch 5/1/2018 · #17

Free will is the simple ability to make choices unimpeded without coercion or hopefully peer pressure and someone forcing you to do something which is man's God given free will. Free will is volition. People are exercising free will reading this post and comments unless you are not a human being and dont understand the field of metaphysics. Read the philosophical works of Dr Gordon Clark from Butler university. He clears up this nonsense perfectly. Unless you believe you are a space alien or fall prey to the god of evolution gibberish, you are a human being with free will choices only influenced by other factors. This is common sense. i have to write this since Harvey did not like my review of Sat Wars and Im not using my free will to type these comments.

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Harvey Lloyd 7/1/2017 · #16

#15 In matters of love we do give up some free will. But would imagine that the reward is worth the diminished freedoms.

Lyon Brave 7/1/2017 · #15

i lost my free will to a woman lol

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Harvey Lloyd 23/10/2016 · #14

#13 @Fatima Williams no it was simply a response to the chore list. The glasses were not really used I don't think the spousal unit would have found humor in the act. Thanks for your comments

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 23/10/2016 · #13

Brilliant buzz @Harvey Lloyd .The part about conditioning still exists.Parents, religions, school and many other conditioning experiences tend to form our perspective. Even though I'm learning to go beyond that conditioning the fear is always there.
"When you feel the fear or anxiety approaching in discussions, realize you can say no anytime; support the effort until you see the right way to go. Don’t lead with fear." This line resonates with me and Thank you for this free buzz :)
BTW I did LOL when you said that you put on your glasses to sweep. Tell me you were kidding :)

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Harvey Lloyd 7/10/2016 · #12

#10 I agree @Flavio Souza. Free will is a difficult choice in today's world. Our lack of faith is causing a social reliance that is very challenging

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