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Goodwill is Waning

Goodwill is WaningI was conversing with a former Navy gentleman about the new stay put orders issued by the government.  He described the life of a ship at sea. He told me that your “tour” was always scheduled and each sailor would set a mental clock of when they would return home and get on with family life.

Each sailor would set a pace of goodwill against this schedule.  Each day using a portion of the goodwill that was being replenished at a rate much slower than used.  But each sailor knew that with reproduction and use, the goodwill would last the scheduled time. The goal was to end the tour with relief of exhausted goodwill.

The new orders issued, is quite the blow to goodwill on a ship.  Those sailors at sea have not metered their goodwill to meet the new two month extension they must now carry.  Each day of these new months is now borrowed time. The borrowed time is exponential because the two months may even be extended further based on conditions here in the USA.  The nation is under quarantine.

Recent events have placed many people in the same condition, with goodwill, like our friends at sea.  We are being asked to social distance, stay home and not gather in groups. Our home or dwelling has become our ship.  Each day passes with goodwill being depleted.

This conversation focused me on the drain of each person as they weather a storm, and where are the limits?  We schedule and dose ourselves from material to axiomatic underpinnings to face crisis, but like the sailors we have been given indefinite orders to stay at sea.

Having been in the behavior business for 19 years on the corporate side of education, i have picked up more than anyone should know about humans and their behavior.  You can't turn it off once you see it. Ever watched one of the movies about how a movie is made? When you have surrounded yourself with professionals who talk about human behavior all day you begin to see life as not a movie but the making of the movie of each person you contact.  Needless to say after a few years the rerun fatigue can catch up to you.

The aspect of human behavior under the microscope here is goodwill.  That energy we find in ourselves to do the right thing in the face of personal crisis brought on by things outside of our control.  More specifically what happens when the goodwill energy is exhausted? What is below the goodwill line?

Certainly it is some form of self survival, but I believe this survival is based on two very different paradigms.  The material and the axiomatic or what you hold and believe as moral value. Both of these paradigms exist within the bubble of your prospective future.  Each gives you a different perspective, depending on which one carries the most weight.

Although physical survival has its monkey brain to give it energy, I also believe that your consciousness utilizes similar mechanisms to force your perspective to survive.  This is where errant social behavior comes to life and is typically rejected socially. Unless, we add in group dynamics, which are beyond the scope of this post.

Government has created a crisis, whether you believe it was needed or not, they created it.  Maybe the job they are doing is great or maybe it could be done better. This is not a discussion of poor performance but rather impact on the sailor.

I don’t believe that the USA as a whole has run out of goodwill, but the signs are starting to appear.  We have entered the material survival phase in large numbers and this is testing our axioms. The test of axioms will end.  The looming question is will the axiom survive or will the consciousness battle be won by the monkey brain?

The answer lies with the government.  Government took control of our daily lives.  Again not judging the action but wanting to display position, they took leadership in an area we would normally balk.  But goodwill allowed us to accept this intrusion. All intrusions must have an endgame, even if it's speculative.  Currently we see the tide shifting from pure apocalyptic reporting by most, to a few requesting and measuring the end game path.  Large portions of the media and pundits are pushing back against any endgame. This is dangerous. If humans can’t find a path or schedule for their goodwill to survive then we get down to survival/monkey brain actions.

I believe humans like our sailors can understand and hold the monkey brain at bay with projections of schedule that get slipped, changed or found to be false.  The human mind needs to know that the leaders who took control of their life, are fighting to get out of the way.

Over the next few weeks we will see the axioms of our own heart tested.  Can you love your neighbor as yourself while the authoritarian efforts of the government are crushing your material well being?  How strongly you believe and have faith in the axioms you have set for yourself will be the determining factor.

My beliefs are intact at this point even though materially the future is a little foggy.  Given social and mainstream media's steady feed of blame, obfuscation for ratings and other pointless goals...wellllllllll, the monkey brain may be the bet.

My hope is that all are weathering the crisis with dignity and humility.  This is the only way we will retain any sanity post crisis.  

If you are at home and feel like you need to do something.  Write to the leaders who inserted themselves in your life and ask them to stop controlling only, and begin organizing the endgame.  Let them know you will accept best guesses and realize that new data will change the trajectory. You are not an idiot and can handle the truth even if that truth is evolving.

Harvey Lloyd May 5, 2020 · #34

@🐝 Fatima G. Williams thanks for the share and stopping by.

Fay Vietmeier Apr 17, 2020 · #33

@Paul Walters
The "Captain" has a lot on his plate ...
The Captain of the Titanic allowed himself to be influenced by wrong goals
... I pray President Trump ... follow the Right Compass
Wisdom is required in all decision making ... now more then ever
God help us ... there is so much wrong in the motives of many in "leadership"

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Harvey Lloyd Apr 15, 2020 · #32

#31 @Paul Walters Confirmation bias is always a challenge. Given some of your political posts it would appear your challenge lies within believing the bias of the media. Sure, like your country of hailing, with drunken cities and the second largest country introducing plastic into the oceans, we have our issues. Should i judge you or your country by the outcomes of years of good/bad government?

Like the compass of your nation state, ours is fine. Media has discovered negative bias sells papers and gets people to join identity groups. 42% of Americans can see this for what it is, group think. When self destructive groups appear, who and what would that leadership look like to correct the course? Meeting identity politics head on, (unfortunately) must play out in the media, it's ugly, almost to the point of bullying. In order for your nation state to clean up its act, there will be challenging policies to the tourism concepts supporting the State. If someone stepped up and really challenged the systemic challenges, i would suggest, maybe their compass would appear faulty.

History in concert with human nature is a force that always repeats itself. Here in the US there is only one narrative, the Constitution, media along with armchair aristocrats, are attempting to rewrite this narrative. Venezuela? Like your profession is selling words, so goes the media. They write to sell. They write to the "other" 42% who blindly believe government is a/the solution.

Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your posts in learning about other cultures. But i would humbly suggest you better understand the history repeating right now and look beyond the aristocratic narrative in main stream media.

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Paul Walters Apr 15, 2020 · #31

@Harvey Lloyd great piece Harvey and food for thought. Trouble is in America's case the 'captain of the ship' seems to have destroyed to compass and there are icebergs ahead!

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#27 I thank you dear @Fay Vietmeier. You are a "powerhouse of spirit". Your appreciation and reference to other posts is amazing. You know how to relate posts to each other.

I addressed some of the issues you raise in your commanding comment in my post of today

Creativity from Disruption

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 13, 2020 · #29

#20 @Harvey Lloyd\
If only people could hear themselves as others do ... everyday folk ... but especially "leaders" (often wolves in sheep clothing ;~)
"Public whining by leaders about each other seems to be an American pass time now."
I hope there is a mutiny ahead for the "whiners" ... get them the hell out of office ;~)

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 13, 2020 · #28

#19 @Harvey Lloyd
Paradox abounds
... "during and post crisis many Americans will be unable to sort out what has happened to their lives."

Though we are being given a unique ... unexpected and unusual gift of time ... to ponder & sort

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 13, 2020 · #27

#18 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
Good insights my dear Professor
... crisis management and stress management. These ARE testing times ...
Change management plays out for a person ... a community ... a nation ... a planet

I share the thought that Dr Ian expressed:
... "believe the paucity of scientific facts in the context of a fearful political and medical environment have resulted in inappropriate overkill.
the point being "inappropriate overkill"

I responded in another excellent post:
I am deeply troubled over the global economic pandemic that will likely follow COVID-19

I appreciated the "lens" you wrote through ... the perspective of someone who survived the Great Depression ... in MANY ways worse than corona
It is estimated that 7 million people died in the Depression ... mostly of hunger

It makes me question many things that are unfolding ... and will unfold in the months ahead ...
Short term ... we "survived"corona
Long term ... might we be confronted with surviving another depression

Some books are indelibly written on the heart & mind: The Grapes of Wrath ~ Steinbeck

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