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The Journey Is Everything

The Journey Is Everything

A picture can show us many things and conjure up different emotions.  

I used to pass a graveyard everyday going to work.  Not sure why but one day seemed to be different, I looked at all the granite and different ways that folks remember their loved ones. That day i saw every tombstone represented a life that attempted to make the world, community, their families better by just plain living.  This revelation opened my ears to my own stories or journey.

Social media is one place where we get to share our experiences.  I sense though that social media, for some, has become a destination or an end to this "journey process".  I am youthful to the social media scene so can't speak in the language that would state i am a veteran.  I can say that writers seem to fall into two major categories.  Those looking for experience and those who are sharing.  Social Media is a great place to share your experiences you have had with the world, community or your family.

It is difficult to create these experiences “online”.  If we look to share in someone else's experiences it is difficult for any writer to demonstrate the fullness of the experience in 2000 characters or more.  An example is @Ali Anani posted  a picture of him and his daughter and with a few words he inspired me to think about raising my own daughters.  A connection of life experience was made not by his writing but yet, his journey and mine connected.  Not having experienced the raising of daughters i could only have read his words, not his experience.

I have two goals of this post.  One that you will find journeys with people in your life that grow you and cause you to evaluate your own journey and second, that you will share those journeys here on BeBee.

Use caution though.  Sharing a real journey with real folks is not always pleasant.  All journeys have potholes, roadblocks and sunny days.  How we traverse and what we learn is important.  I have found many folks on BeBee who have had rich journey’s and share them. Their journeys were tragic, exciting or enriching.

The common denominator with each journey (Writer) is how it changed their perspective, within their own lives.

Perspective change is the part of the journey that doesn't happen if we don't share a walk with others.  Knowledge is an awesome tool but the journeys we share with others is the opportunity to convert knowledge to wisdom.

Engage in someone else’s journey.

Now to see if my negative picture experiment worked please give, in 10 words or less, your answer to the following equation:  (No extra points for additional words.)

You + someone else = ?

No prizes just an experiment to see the effects of a negative picture.

Picture Credit: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/sadhguru/masters-words/essential-nature-of-journey/

Harvey Lloyd 2 d ago · #8

#7 Sorry i should have removed that line from the post. I was doing a small experiment concerning pictures and their ability to get folks to read. Didn't work out so i changed the picture to one that was contemplative, than dreadful (Tombstone). Thanks for your comment and i was really interested in how others would describe their journey of relationships in just a few words. Thanks for your comments, @Deb Helfrich and @Praveen Raj Gullepalli

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Dear Harvey, Me+Someone else=an opportunity to share a thought, a feeling, even silence. But I see no negative picture, just a group of three village folk taking the clear and safe way home or someplace they wanna go, over a railway track :)

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#1 Where's yours Aura? ;)

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Harvey Lloyd 2 d ago · #5

#3 That was a mouth full of words that said alot. Thanks for the ten words, @Deb Helfrich

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Deb Helfrich 2 d ago · #4

BTW - I notice that the current picture is drastically different than the one used this morning when I opened this into another tab...I saw the 'stone' when I wrote my response below....

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Deb Helfrich 2 d ago · #3

You+Someone else = An entirely unpredictable amalgamation of potential exchanges and wonderful outcomes

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Harvey Lloyd 3 d ago · #2

#1 Maybe i should kick off the word game: You+Someone else=Wisdom, adventure, perspective, enlightenment, challenges and the ability to share.

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Aurorasa Sima 3 d ago · #1

Thank you for the post. I´m looking forward to reading the 10 word description others come up with.

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