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More than machines....

More than machines....

When you look at this photo, what you see is almost a 1000 HP Toyota Supra. A Monster of a machine, but it is more than a mere machine. There is a history, a story behind it. A tale of hard work, passion, struggle and sacrifice by the person driving it. This is just one example, there are countless out there.

The Picture In My Own Words

I was at the Gatebil Mantorp in Sweden a couple of weeks back. I was there to film some great sounding cars on and off the track (paddocks). In the process of doing so, talking to the drivers was simply inevitable. These individuals and teams are more than mere sponsored bumper stickers and logo tagged suits. These people (drivers, team-members and family) are passionate petrolheads who have put every ounce of energy, muscle, effort and money into what they love. You may see a 100k car but may miss the story behind it. Some of them may not be rich financially, but they will have endless admiration for what they do. The best thing is that they love and live every moment of it.

Going to Gatebil Mantorp for Grumblo, Sounds of Performance was an amazing experience. Looking forward to more such events and stories in days to come. Grumblo (Soon to launch) is a social network for all car enthusiasts who have a passion for car sound videos. 

In the Photo: Adam Gustavsson (Driver), Toyota Supra (Sweden)