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Part 2 - More Than Mere Machines.. Niko Määttälä

Part 2 - More Than Mere Machines.. Niko Määttälä

Some of you might be wondering why on earth a digital marketer, who is trying to create a buzz about an upcoming social network (Grumblo) for car enthusiasts, is writing about the lives of drivers? Why does he even care? Humans, you see, we all are humans. We feel all kinds of emotions and sometimes it is another's story that leaves an impression on you. We will talk about digital marketing, social-media and cars all year-long but first....

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Meeting Niko Määttäla

Finland being my second home, blue and white colors always catch my eye. There it was, a shiny, tuned, blue Nissan Silvia. Parked in the paddocks, it was getting everyone's attention. Behind the shiny machine was this guy, again, in blue and white with greasy hands, tired eyes but a noticeable spirit. That's Niko for you - Finland's own homegrown drifting star.

Part 2 - More Than Mere Machines.. Niko Määttälä

After capturing his driving skills on the camera , I decided to have a quick chat with him. With no regards towards the hectic schedule he was going through, I hurled questions at him like a die-hard fan and got them answered.

The Road Crew Family

Turns out, he is a human too. Surprising, right? No matter how badass they may seem on the track, at the end of the day, these guys go home as fathers, brothers, and husbands. Niko is a hardcore petrolhead, but the first thing he mentioned was his family. He loves his boys, Hugo and Luka, and hopes to marry the love of his life Mari one day. Niko and his family are the perfect road-crew family. They love to travel with him, go around participating in motorsport events, his sons are already getting ready to practice karting. They even have a motor-home bus. In the end, he gives most of the credit to his girlfriend Mari for supporting him throughout his professional and personal life.

Enthusiasm - Drives People Towards Results

It is all about enthusiasm, passion, and attitude that drives people towards results (Thank you, Kari, for this wonderful quote). The action continues all year-long, on the track and inside the garage. While it takes a toll on finances and energy, the desire to progress, pushes these enthusiasts to take the next challenge. Without this enthusiasm, no one can succeed. It's a pre-requisite for any career.

Another important thing that I learned during this brief conversation was the ever-growing circle of friends in motorsport. They will travel with you as friends, as team members and at times as your only source of encouragement in an alien surrounding. ''It is like one big family'' quotes Niko.

Niko has lots of exciting things planned in the near future. This was his first year at Gatebil and definitely not the last. Thanks to his family's tire shop and garage, Niko is playing his part in taking drifting to the next level in Finland as it provides enough space and the required tools to build and maintain his car. Next up is Venetsia Drifting event in collaboration with Black Smoke Racing and AudioImport Sebastian. Niko promises to lay a strong foundation for bigger and better events in years to come.

With that said, it's time to end today's episode.


Enthusiasm - Drives People Towards Results.

A fast and loud video clip of Niko from Gatebil Mantorp will be featured on Grumblo during the launch phase. Stay tuned!

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