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Opera Browser Download Free

Opera Browser Download Free

Opera browser is an excellent alternative to other browsers like Internet Explorer. Opera is 100% compatible with all web standards, has a new interface in which you can view multiple pages from a single window, supports extensions, and is very stable, intuitive, and faster than ever thanks to its new rendering engine.

Other exciting features of Opera are that it incorporates a search engine in the browser itself, has an ICQ client, and an email/newsreader. Also, it includes the function of the star in the URL field that allows you to add your favorite sites to your favorite websites instantly. Moreover, you can access download manager, password manager, form manager, a toolbar with a search engine, page zoom tab navigation, navigation, and emulation.

Also, it includes BitTorrent client, spell checker, spatial navigation, cursor navigation speech recognition, RSS support, support for .pdf formats, etc. Moreover, there are several recent changes to Opera's mail client. Also, let's not forget that add-ons can be included to have new functionalities.

Opera is definitely a great browser worth trying. Furthermore, the application is free since its version 8.50, having previously been shareware or adware. As for security, it has an anti-pop-up, advertising blocking, anti-malware protection, and EV SSL security protocol, among others. 

Download Opera Browser Here