Hayley Bruce en Self-Improvement, IT - Information Technology, Online Communication Conveyancing Technology Analyst 10/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +500

A limitation of technology; it can't admit mistakes

Last week, the pound suffered a dramatic drop known as a 'flash crash' and nobody knows why, but it has been suggested this was a computer algorithm but obviously a mistake as the pound sky-rocketed back up. However, this has made people question the use of technology and whether humans should be around to micro-manage them. 

A limitation of technology; it can't admit mistakesThe same way that the Lorax spoke for the tree, I feel the need to speak for the computers. They are only doing as we have told them to do, and although I am concerned that a computer has questioned the stability of a beloved currency, I am more concerned about what this indicates about human behaviour. Someone, somewhere knows exactly why this happened. It may have been a mistake, it might have been the wrong click of a button, an error in programming code, but someone knows about it and no-one is owning up. 

The blame culture in some of our key organisations is such an integrated part of them, that someone out there is too scared to say they or their system made a mistake. 

Owning a mistake has been cited by some of the most successful people, as a key foundation of personal development. Accepting we are not perfect and that others are not perfect, is an important perspective shift which enables us to become better in almost everything we do. Computers and technology do not have this ability, they do not have the emotions such as guilt or self-awareness which makes owning a mistake so important.

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