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Do you have a mission?

Do you have a mission?After reading '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' a few months ago, I have been working out my personal mission statement. I thought I would share it and invite other to comment and perhaps share your mission statement. It has been a great experience writing my mission statement. I previously worked for organisations which have set principles and mission statements but was never involved in writing them. I would be interested to hear other's experiences with mission statements.

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sharing in Habits and Self-Improvement.

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Thank you for sharing your personal mission statement from Covey's book! I applaud you. I got into Covey probably a couple decades ago and loved it. I spent probably weeks on my mission. So I know how much effort you must have put into yours. AWESOME.

Perhaps I need to dust mine off again. Lately it has come down to 2 words for me: Techie Teammate.

I focus more on daily affirmations now, too. One thing that you might want to consider is 3 things I learned about them. The 3 Ps: keep then Personal, Present and Positive.
So, the mission points that start with "Not to" might be harder for your subconscious to believe and follow...
E.g. "I" (not people or we), "am/do/have" (not will, should, may), "encourge friendship and acceptance" (instead of "against animosity and wrongs")

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Thank you Robin

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Love this Haley! I was thinking about a mission statement for myself earlier today