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Istanbul: this story is not about...

Istanbul: this story is not about...

This story is not about how I stayed, in three different houses of local people during 8 days without paying (I used the social network Hospitality Club, there was still no Airbnb).

This story is not about how in the third house that I stayed, I did not get to know the owner. He was traveling but he left me the keys to his house.

This story is not about how my last night in Istanbul, I ended up dancing salsa in the middle of a class in front of 50 people, just 3 hours before leaving to the airport.

This story is not about how while taking pictures at the entrance of a mosque, a woman in her burka winked at me (I had a feeling of surprise, laughter, and fright).

This story is not about me eating the most incredible durum made with a filling of 21 spices and mint. (Spectacular and really spicy). And tasting the great mint tea. 

Nor this story is about how Istanbul really is the city that never sleeps (2 am, barbershops working and exterior markets too).

This story is not about how I found in the spice bazaar, a cheese very similar to my favorite cheese from my country (Honduras). A cheese that I haven’t found anywhere else: The “quesillo“.

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Heleci Ramirez 13/11/2017 · #14

#9 hahaha yes! Do it! they were rewarded as the best Europe airline back then!

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Heleci Ramirez 13/11/2017 · #13

#12 yeah probably is a mismatch between my native Spanish and my English, something that can happen. In Spanish is with "m" and in English is with "n". But that's something that can always be fixed. But the lack of kindness...

Best regards

Nick Mlatchkov 12/11/2017 · #12

It seems u are not sure about the spelling - Istanbul or Istambul ...
What is the spelling on the ticket

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Brook Massey 12/11/2017 · #9

#7 I need to look into flying with Turkish Airlines!

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Heleci Ramirez 12/11/2017 · #8

#6 @Paul Walters I'm glad you like it! Thank you!

Heleci Ramirez 12/11/2017 · #7

#5 you know, actually Turkia is not a country that I never expected to visit, so It was really surprising. I Absolutely recommend it. I had the opportunity to visit it again by coincide: I booked a ticket to NY with Turkish airlines from Madrid, and one stop was in Istambul, I had to spend 14 hours in the city and the airline gave us a free tour around the city, entrances to the monuments included and food...yeah hard to believe. So now you know :)

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Paul Walters 12/11/2017 · #6

@Heleci Ramirez . Thanks...great piece and some fabulous images!

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Brook Massey 12/11/2017 · #5

What a wonderful experience. I love to explore on my own if possible when I travel. You really drew me in, but I can see how the children would be the highlight. Someday, I hope to explore Istanbul, too.

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