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Why do I need a website when I can use social media to promote my business for free?

Why do I need a website when I can use social media to promote my business for free?

I am often asked 'Why do I need a website when I can use social media to promote my business for free? Building a website can be costly once you add up all the fees for domains, hosting, designers, SEO, updates, maintenance, and more. Whereas, you can set up social media pages on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram … for FREE?

Having a website built for your business is very different. When created professionally, a website is going to cost more than setting up free social media pages. Here are some things you’ll need to consider before building a website for your business:

Purchase a Domain & Website Hosting

To get started, you have to pay recurring costs for your domain and website hosting. The domain is the “address” where you’ll build your website (ex: “yourbusiness.com”). Website hosting is the server space (i.e. the “land”) where your website will live.

Design, Development, & Technical Expertise

Since most business owners struggle with website design, you’re  probably going to have to hire a web designer. A good web designer should be able to design, build, and update the website for you.

Even free drag and drop website builders require some technical and design expertise. Especially if you want a website to you can be happy about and proud to show off.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want you website to rank well for the keywords that matter in search engines for, it will require an understanding of on-page SEO. If you don’t know anything about SEO then I advise you consider paying someone to help you with that.

So why even build a website for your business when you could use these free social media platforms to market your business online? The answer is simple, with a website you keep 100% control.

Don’t Be at the Mercy of Someone Else

If you setup your business solely on one or more social platforms, your leave yourself at the mercy of those platforms. They can make changes whenever they want and you don’t have a voice, even if it impacts your business. If that platform gets acquired and changed or shut down, you may no longer be able to reach your customers.

Your Website is the “Hub” of Your Online Presence – Social Media is a Marketing Tool

Your website is the “hub” of your business, and give you 100% control of your situation.

You should use social media as a marketing platform to drive traffic back to your website. You can also use that traffic to grow your email and customer list so you can communicate with them any time, anywhere.

At the end of the day, it’s much smarter to invest in something you own than to build on land that doesn’t belong to you. Some day the rules are going to change and it could have a major impact on your business, if you aren’t in control.

My advice is to invest in a website that you own and use social media to reach new audiences and grow your business.

I can help you build and grow your online presence, if you would like to discuss this further visit me online at helencope.com

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Website is a business card to the world available 24 by 7

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Websites are extremely important as one can provide a lot more detailed information about products and services. Strictly sharing information on social media can be limited. I do notice that more and more restaurants are opting for Facebook pages only. I have just completed a blog post for a client and it was very difficult to find restaurants with web pages. As a result, phone numbers, menus and information about menus were hard to come by.

One of the barriers to acquiring a website is that custom web design services are extremely high and climbing. They range from $3500 - $5000+. That's a lot of money. For my last site upgrades, I've opted for affordable templates through sites like. Envato Market and Themeforest. They delivered exactly what I needed.

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#9 @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee Ok. Futurequest sits at the top. I've been with them for like 17 years. Not the cheapest. My main sites are hosted there. Support is good, but to be honest, I've not had the occasion to need them over all the time I've been with them. Fast servers that deliver web pages quickly

hostnexus is my second host. I've had issues on and off with them in the past, and have at times moved my sites off there, only to return when I discovered the alternatives sucked like big time. Cheaper than Futurequest, a touch less reliable, but the owner is often available. Support is fair to really good. Servers slower than Futurequest, faster than Godaddy.

One advantage of hostnexus is that you can host more than one domain on a single account, something you cannot really do without some added expense at Futurequest.

I'd avoid Godaddy like the plague, because their user interface is proprietary and I found, completely illogical. The speed of their servers is questionable. The support is typical large company support, i.e. not good in my experience.

I can't recall offhand if either or both offer any kind of money back guarantee. Search for them and check if you are interested.

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#8 Share those hosts?

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#7 @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee Don't feel bad. My experience over more than a decade of running websites is that it's NORMAL to switch webhosts a number of times in search of THE one that will give you reliability, fair pricing, lack of BS, etc.

My current hosts (yes, plural) I have been with for many many years, but I've probably tried 10 webhosts before settling on what I think are the best for me.

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