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What benefits an Android App Development Company can offer you?

What benefits an Android App Development Company can offer you?

Android app development market has the highest share of apps as compared to others. In the year 2011, 10% of world’s population used smartphones. In current year i.e. 2018, 36% of world’s population is projected to use smartphones. The main reason behind buying a smartphone is the usage of mobile applications. 

Mobile applications bring an ease in day-to-day works. Be it photo editing, food ordering, blood pressure checking, everything can be done with the help of mobile applications. Now, what are companies doing with apps? As we can see nowadays, almost every small to large scale business wants to have a mobile application.

Android app benefits:

Android apps are more popular and preferred by users as well as companies. The policy, terms, and conditions followed at the time of development of Android app are much more convenient and easy to understand as well as follow; as compared to iOS. Also, the major reason is, the Android device users share the largest number of users in the world. The app review process in Android takes less time as compared to iPhone and hence, apps are quickly released in the market.

Some interesting statistics about android app development around the globe:

  • 197 billion apps were downloaded in the year 2017 (Source: Statista)

  • Android has 87.7% of global share in the market of operating systems

  • There are more than 400 Android device manufacturers in the world

  • 4000 android wear apps are available in the market

  • In 2016, Android generated a revenue of $31 billion

  • India ranked number 1 in downloading Android apps in the year 2016

  • Android instant apps are available in more than 40 countries

  • More than 500 million devices have already installed Android instant apps

  • Google announced 2 billion monthly active users in the world

All these above statistics describe the growing business of android applications. It is important to understand, more the demand, more the development. Many companies with a variety of businesses plan to develop mobile applications.

Why the need for mobile apps?

There are many reasons, a company plans to develop their own mobile application. We have stated the important one below:

  • Branding- New startups do not let a single stone unturned for branding. They hire a branding company to get a corporate identity. Also, they hire digital marketing agencies to achieve popularity digitally. Another strong medium of branding is a mobile application. Without mobile application, the brand seems outdated. In today’s world, the mobile application is a must.

  • Prepare for the future- We all know, Internet of Things is the future. Until the year 2020, 30 billion devices are expected to be connected with the internet of things. These devices will be connected with the help of applications. Large names such as Google, Amazon, Tesla are working hard on artificial intelligence and internet of things. Having a mobile application of your own brand or company will help you stand firm in the upcoming competition.

  • Increase website traffic- A properly organized mobile app can not only get more downloads but also can generate more traffic to your website. Android app development company must select the right set of keywords and target area to generate more leads from the application. But it requires committed maintenance too.

  • Customer insights- The most important concern of any company is to gather customer insights. Hiring agencies to get customer data is a costly thing. One can easily get every single important data prospect and customer through mobile applications. Almost all mobile applications require certain information before handing up the access.

  • Offer more product value- Mobile applications can help companies deliver their products and services in a much more efficient and timely manner. They can highlight and promote features of the product or services with the help of mobile applications.

  • The direct medium of marketing- As we discussed before regarding branding, mobile apps can be used to advertise the product or service too. Instead of trying out traditional way of marketing, launching mobile applications can offer you same results in less time, money and efforts.

  • Be available 24x7- Customers can connect to you and your products 24x7. Since apps do not have any time constraint, users can access information anytime they want to.

What benefits an Android app development company can offer you?

  • Skilled experts- These android app development services have skilled experts in designing and development too. These resources possess years of experience and expertise.

  • Great service- These service providers can offer great after delivery service for 24x7. If you encounter any problem or error in the application, the support team is there to assist you any time of the day.

  • Cost effective- In-house Android app development is hectic and expensive. App development companies can save around 60% by simply outsourcing android app development.

  • Turn around time is decreased by 50%- The apps are developed faster as compared to the in-house development process and hence offer less turnaround time.

  • Quality- This is the best advantage one can get by outsourcing android app development to a well-known firm. They possess, expertise, experience, good image, and technology. Hence they offer quality apps.

  • Technology- These companies have all the latest technologies in the market and can provide best out of all with help of these technologies.


After going through this blog, you must have understood how vital is it for any company to outsource android app development. It not only gives quality app in less time and money but also helps you grow your business.

To get the advantage of all these factors, request a quote and we will serve you the best.