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Top Digital Marketing Trends Which will Discontinue in 2018

Digital marketing tactics are playing a vital role in our life. Businesses trust them to grow substantially. There is a very simple logic behind marketing, one which is close to the eyes can win the heart of buyers. Here heart refers to trust. The ultimate game is about winning the trust of your buyers in order to maintain a long-term relationship with them and achieve success.

App Development and web development companies develop strategies and optimize them to gain more profit by their efforts. These strategies are well-planned and tested by experts. After getting the desired result from panned tactics, they analyze the success rate of each. If something is capable to create more benefits such as sales and traffic, can be categorized as trends.

In this post, we would like to throw some light on the trends that come around and will be no more in the picklist of latest trends. We can say hopefully they will be discarded completely in the coming year. Well, it may already be working for you, so don’t feel less about opting them. Don’t freak out. If you are syncing all the eggs in one basket, you should incorporate good changes.

Marketing in the publishing world works differently for different genres, different people, and different audiences. A lot of things in marketing work differently for different people. For example, some people do not like social media whilst some are addicted to it. So you have to keep your strategies balanced in order to win all type of audience. 

Top Digital Marketing Trends Which will Discontinue in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends Which Discontinue:

  • Long Text Heavy eBooks

The basic theory behind omitting this trend is due to tremendous increase in a number of mobile users than desktop users. As per the Gartner’s report, it is predicted that in 2018, 50% of users will use their mobile device for all online activities. This has created a buzz for marketers.

They are trying to weed out the trend of long text-heavy ebooks as mobile devices are increasingly gaining more popularity among users than any other devices such as laptop or desktop.

One should definitely make his moves according to that. Any content you are providing to your audience must be mobile-friendly and designed according to the mobile’s compatibility