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10 more great singles from 2016

This text is more or less a sequel to the one I’ve published here back in June. Once again, I talk a little about 10 great tracks I’ve been digging a lot these last six months. Some of them are from very well-known musicians, while others were kind of obscure (at least to me). Anyway, I hope this list (in no particular order of preference) serves as an encouragement for those who want to know more about these artists.

CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD – NARCISSUS SOAKING WET [from the album Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel]
10 more great singles from 2016

Everything that Chris Robinson does in his solo career is promptly compared not only to his former band, the Black Crowes, but also to the solo work of his brother Rich. But anyone that listens to this song will agree that we’ve probably had enough of these comparisons. The 70’s influences are still there, but here they move a little more towards jam bands. And you know what? This is one of the best things Chris has ever done.

AMARO FERREIRO – TRUENO Y RELAMPAGO [from the album Biólogo]

I knew nothing about Spanish singer Amaro Ferreiro before hearing this song, but a quick search on Google shows that he is better known for hi