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Come dream with me on my journey

Come to my tour along the day

And see all the colors unfold

As we travel around the world

Come see the yellow desert sands

Riding a camel to Oman

And the brownish red stone that stands

In sunset on Ras Musandam

We will wonder why the scrapers

Are diamond silver in Dubaï

And how the selfish tall towers

Grow pale blueish to reach the sky

We will awe the tiger’s splendor

In emerald forests of Burma

Or in gold and red Singapore

In the sunrise of East Asia

Through blossom of the cherry tree

Whose pink flowers free from burden

We will see snow on Mount Fuji

As we walk in Kyoto’s garden

In lagoons of pristine islands

We will swim in crystal turquoise

And feeding her right in our hands

We will shelter the sea tortoise

Then we will sail to the deep blue

And meet offshore the great blue whales

To be the sharers of their rue

And give them wind from our sails

Down the purple Aconcagua

We will dress on like the Quechua

With rainbow wool of their lama

And haired with mauve jacaranda

When the journey comes to an end

Back to your home you will give me,

Smiling, a rose that you gardened

White, pink or red and will ask me

Which is the color of my love.

Depending, like a piece of art

On the painting put with your glove

It takes the color of your heart

Hervé Sabattier - November 2016

Devesh Bhatt 19/12/2016 · #3

#2 maybe this is the right time to learn French, poetry can help, ill be real slow but i can persist.
Thanks a lot for the list.

Hervé Sabattier 19/12/2016 · #2

#1 Thank you Devesh for your comment. Welcome on BeBee and happy you liked "Colors", as you rightly say a momentary experience of beauty that will last for ever as it is the truth of my heart. These days, I write more in French than in English for any reason, and I appreciate you might not be touched by my poems in French. And to avoid you searching for some of my poems in English, here is a short list for you. I wish you will enjoy:

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Devesh Bhatt 19/12/2016 · #1

Vivid. The wanderer yearns to explore.
A momentary experience of beauty, it might last a long time.