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Far Away

Far Away

For so long she has been through her windows gazing
At the days passing by within the fading light
But her walls were too big, her prison out of sight
And no man and no bird would hear she was crying
And would heed her dismay

And in the evening hour, when the sun was leaving
The last bird and flower had flown away farther
In this lonely moment, before the stars on her
Pour their silver torment, she was herself changing
In a lady of clay

But her love and freedom soon will be reviving
Held from her for randsom, forfeited long before
To keep her in prison, she will miss them no more
She will have a reason to leave away flying
And here no longer stay

Tomorrow at this hour she will be far away
She will be passed the strand and the misty island
She will be much farther than ever any land
Farther than any bird may fly along their way
In twilight of the day

Hervé Sabattier - March 2018

Relentlessly focused on people, I am an international and multi-industry Human Resources executive offering more than 25 years’ people development experience combined with astute business acumen and a verifiable track record of delivering value safely and responsibly.

Back and forth from headquartered corporate senior executive positions to operational field assignments, I developed a vast experience in designing and developing Human Resources policies and systems to align business requirements and talents and people development strategies in various industries.

Hervé Sabattier 8/3/2018 · #8

#1 "De la musique avant toute chose...", n'est-ce pas, Pascal ?

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Hervé Sabattier 8/3/2018 · #7

#3 Thank you Chris, this is too much of a compliment. The difference is that the Lady of Shallott dies in Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem, when the lady in mine flies away.

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Hervé Sabattier 8/3/2018 · #6

#2 Thank you Moi. I appreciate and am happy you enjoyed.

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Savvy Raj 8/3/2018 · #5

Beautiful verses@ Herve Sabbatier

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Chris 🐝R Guest 8/3/2018 · #4

The outstanding poetry of Herve Sabbatier....

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Chris 🐝R Guest 8/3/2018 · #3

Great poem @herve. Your protagonist eminded me a lot of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's 1832 epic poem "The Lady of Shalotte" which I studied back in 10th grade.

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Moi Kliniger 8/3/2018 · #2

Enjoyed this very much @Hervé Sabattier. Am sharing!

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Pascal Derrien 7/3/2018 · #1

very musical indeed :-)

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