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Flying Free

Flying Free

I was in love with Chrissie

She was doing real estate with her daddy

I gave her for my love a sweet spaniel puppy

But a man richer, older and wiser than me

Gave her a horse as for jumping she was ready

And down she let me

I was in love with Fanny

She was flying Air France as attendant trainee

We were riding the country on my two-fifty

But a man richer, stronger and funnier than me

Hi-jacked her on his one-point-three Kawazaki

And down she let me

I was in love with Sophie

She was a teacher with as blue eyes as the sea

We were devising music and philosophy

But she was expecting my exclusivity

As I was exploring pretty girls privacy

And down she let me

And I said let’s love be mean and my life empty

Jumping from bitch to whore of all category

It seemed I was happy as a lovely dandy

But Beatrice told me, you’re a man of candy

You’re meek, you’re weak, you kneel, you steal, with no mercy

You don’t give you get and you forget that a lady

Wants to be seen flying free

I was loved by Vicky

She was OT nurse in babies heart surgery

It was dismaying, soon she turned as a junkie

But I helped her, I cared and I gave her the key

To find and try her brand new wings for the journey

And I saw her flying free

I was loved by Tracy

She was a trader on fair selling sushi

With as blue eyes as the sky when it is sunny

But I helped her, trained her, taught her the policy

To lead the HR in a busy company

And I saw her flying free

I was loved by Angie

We got a baby studying geology

In deep Pennsylvania at university

She was borderline, her despair made her skinny

But I gave her my home, my shirt, my last penny

And I saw her flying free

I hoped, I believed, but I’m not loved by Flori

Coming from Romanie, fighting a fake enemy

She was defeated and her distress touched me

I helped her, gave her the keys, she didn’t hear me

I won’t be happy and will have no rest until

Be it with a richer, younger and crazier than me

I will see her flying free

Hervé Sabattier - September 2017