Hervé Sabattier en Poésie, Bee Stories In English, Poetry HR Corporate Consultant and Coach - HR Interim Director • Maurel & Prom 22/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 1,6K



All the very true friends are coming from above

With the rain and the sun as genuine luggage

And they are used to build the true season of love

The one season on earth to keep in heritage

They have the tenderness of the loveliest landscape

And the great loyalty of the birds of passage

But sometimes in their eyes you see they want escape

The sadness haunting them from an ancient wreckage

It is the time they come to relieve from hardship

And find the place for them to live a true friendship

And then they fly away for another journey

To meet along their way the different visage

That sadness shows on those alone and with no way

And giving tenderness host some love in their cage

But as we never know what could bring tomorrow

I could well in my turn lose my own personage

I would be comforted to share my own sorrow

With a true worthy friend who understands my page

It would be me who then bring you my ownership,

With my stars and my rain and enjoy your friendship

Hervé Sabattier - November 2016