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Sofia is Free

Sofia is Free

Sofia is born, she came a bit early
Quick and hasty she was eager to see
What is around for her curiosity
And she is bound to live and to be free

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Sofia is free
Sofia is born, Sofia is free

The rising sun sets Sofia on her way
Angels and birds are singing on to say
That all has changed as from this very day
Once Sofia was lighting her life and play

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Sofia is free
Sofia is born, Sofia is free

Her godmother is proudly hugging her
And through her arms is giving for ever
The love and care Sofia surely deserves
And already feels flowing in her nerves

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Sofia is free
Sofia is born, Sofia is free

Sofia will grow taught by her godmother
And she will know, learning the best of her
All the wonders that have ever been seen
And like her aunt she will become a queen

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Sofia is free
Sofia is born, Sofia is free

Hervé Sabattier – September 2018

Relentlessly focused on people, I am an international and multi-industry Human Resources executive offering more than 25 years’ people development experience combined with astute business acumen and a verifiable track record of delivering value safely and responsibly.

Back and forth from headquartered corporate senior executive positions to operational field assignments, I developed a vast experience in designing and developing Human Resources policies and systems to align business requirements and talents and people development strategies in various industries.

I Led Human Resources strategies, policies and systems design and implementation in operations up to 2 billion turn-over successfully in a number of countries including Sierra Leone, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, Libya, Guinea the UK and France, which include gold and copper (CIL plants/infrastructure), and iron ore (processing plant and civil rail and port infrastructure) in Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Agro-Industry, Teaching Tertiary Health Care Hospital, Automotive manufacturing plants, Packaging, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration plants and distribution networks, and Airlines.

In creation, development, change or transformation modes, I designed, implemented and monitored across the board company Organizational Design, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Remuneration Strategy plans.

I recruited and mobilized large numbers of staff, all functions, from Operator to CEO or MD levels, worldwide and for all of the above industries.

Fluent English and French speaker.

Pascal Derrien 30/9/2018 · #1

Welcome to the world Sofia :-)

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