Hervé Sabattier en Poésie, Inspiration, Poetry Mentor - HR/OD Consultant - Leadership Coach • Mentalor 14/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +700

Super Moon

Super Moon

Late in the afternoon

The dark sky was maroon

Upon a tree I saw

In a halo yellow

Shining before my eye

Super Moon

Like a dot on an i

Please tell me, Super Moon

Who sent you after noon?

Who wanted me to see

You floating so freely

Like a carrier of hope

A balloon

Who would have lost his rope?

Or are you the dear boon

The wise and smart baboon

The flying white monkey

Whose pocket hides a key

Who travels over Mount


To deliver a bount?

The eye of a raccoon

Escaped off a cartoon?

At least one of his eyes

As the other one dies

When busy he washes

A nice prune

Making winks in dashes?

The lamp of a tycoon

In front of a typhoon?

Bringing diamonds of rain

And fresh air to the brain

And make me to believe

The monsoon

Will help me to revive?

You are a question mark

Though you shine in the dark

But giving me some light

And warming on my night

I saw you with my eye

Super Moon

Like a dot on an i

Hervé Sabattier - November 2016

Inspired by Alfred de Musset - Ballade à la Lune