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You see, ô my love, I surrender.

Like me, stay above this world unkind,

Unhappy, yet not a pretender,

Be resigned.

Be nice and be kind and pray the skies

For as they give their light to the blind,

You, my love, with honey in your eyes

Give your mind.

No one is happy, neither winning.

Time for all of us is incomplete.

Time is shadow. Life is, my darling,

Made of it.

And of their fate men are not happy.

For happiness, to all and to you

All was missing. This all means really

Very few.

This very few is that for our own

In life we are all looking after:

A word, a smile, a piece of gold, some renown,

A laughter!

The desert misses the rain’s caress.

The king misses the joy of true friends.

Man is a well wherein emptiness

Never ends.

See those leaders, gods of our reasons,
Those heroes we admire from their heights,

The fames of which our dark horizons

Want the lights.

Once they have like a flame of their kind

Stunned everything with their blinding glow,

In their grave they went to seek and find

Some shadow.

The sky who knows our pain and our fears

Has mercy for our vain and sad days.

Every morning, it bathes with its tears

Our dismays.

God gives us light, since our day of birth

To see him and us with acumen.

And a law raises up from the Earth

And the men.

This law we must respect ‘till the end

Clearly says, easy to remember,

Never hate, my love, love instead, and


Hervé Sabattier - May 2019

Pascal Derrien May 30, 2019 · #1

Another masterpiece ☝️

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