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The Angel and the Warrior

The Angel and the Warrior

Far, far away from Earth was a galaxy.

In this galaxy, there was a planet very similar to Earth.

It was called Oxo.

Its distance to its sun was the same as Earth’s, same was its size, same the proportion of water and of soil and same its atmosphere.

And the very same living creatures as on Earth were to be found on this planet.

There were whales and elephants, wolves, cats and dogs, mice, storks, mosquitos, spiders, worms, bats, everything.

The only slight difference is that the Human Beings, who were absolutely similar to and looking like those living on Earth, in their look as well as in their minds, were not really Human Beings.

They were Angels.

They were angels, but they had forgotten they were.

They were all sent to Oxo to love and save each other, but they forgot it too.

All the babies were born with their angel’s wings and with a fairy to guide them, both invisible to adults, who had forgotten to see that sort of things, but as they were growing-up they were losing their angel eyes and their angel heart that was replaced by adult ones, and ultimately their angel wings. And the fairy were flying away.

And they were forgetting their mission.

The only way the angels could remember their true nature and see their wings grow again would have been to love unconditionally.

When an angel was loving unconditionally, then his wings were growing again and so the wings of his loved one, assuming that she was also loving unconditionally. And if the love of the two was shared, then their wings were growing together, at the same time, and they were taking their flight both together, to fly back to where they were coming from.