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The Angel and the Warrior

The Angel and the Warrior

Far, far away from Earth was a galaxy.

In this galaxy, there was a planet very similar to Earth.

It was called Oxo.

Its distance to its sun was the same as Earth’s, same was its size, same the proportion of water and of soil and same its atmosphere.

And the very same living creatures as on Earth were to be found on this planet.

There were whales and elephants, wolves, cats and dogs, mice, storks, mosquitos, spiders, worms, bats, everything.

The only slight difference is that the Human Beings, who were absolutely similar to and looking like those living on Earth, in their look as well as in their minds, were not really Human Beings.

They were Angels.

They were angels, but they had forgotten they were.

They were all sent to Oxo to love and save each other, but they forgot it too.

All the babies were born with their angel’s wings and with a fairy to guide them, both invisible to adults, who had forgotten to see that sort of things, but as they were growing-up they were losing their angel eyes and their angel heart that was replaced by adult ones, and ultimately their angel wings. And the fairy were flying away.

And they were forgetting their mission.

The only way the angels could remember their true nature and see their wings grow again would have been to love unconditionally.

When an angel was loving unconditionally, then his wings were growing again and so the wings of his loved one, assuming that she was also loving unconditionally. And if the love of the two was shared, then their wings were growing together, at the same time, and they were taking their flight both together, to fly back to where they were coming from.


Oxo was like Earth, with a multitude of small kingdoms, ruled by more or less good leaders.

And there were wars quite often on Oxo, for more or less good reasons, as on Earth.

In a remote part of Oxo, there was a small kingdom called Eyeronor. The ruler was a tyrant, who was eager to protect the treasure that was buried in the soil of the country and to fight his jealous neighbors, he was using mercenaries coming from very distant kingdoms.

Diana was one of those mercenaries. She was not fighting directly on the front line, but she was leading and administrating some support services just behind, far away from the headquarters. Close to the battlefield, she was the only woman, surrounded with all the men mercenaries.

She was brave, intelligent, honest and savvy but in this difficult environment, she had to struggle with the harsh manners of the other mercenaries and she had a lot of inside enemies.

Fortunately, she had the full support from the ruler of the kingdom who was considering her as one of his best warriors on the field.

No one knew really why, but Diana had no love in her heart. Despite polite and gentle manners, she was distant, cold, and many of the men around were afraid of her.

She was alone and soon she experienced a lot of issues with many of the important captains in the army.

Eichar was an old  and very experienced mercenary.

He had fought in several kingdoms around before, for years, more or less far away from Eyeronor, some of them very distant, as much as on the opposite hemisphere of Oxo. He was coming from a very distant kingdom too, but not the same as Diana.

We don’t really know either, but Eichar probably knew he was an angel. Or at least, he was suspecting he was.

Opposite to Diana, he had a heart full of love. He had found love before, on at least four or five occasions, and the women he had loved had flown away.

Why not him? Why had his wings not grown back? No one knows. Probably because he had not loved enough, not fully unconditionally. Or maybe because he had a last love to give.

When he was hired by the tyrant to come and hire new mercenaries and train them, he was not really interested, neither by the job nor by the money.

But he was attracted, by an obscure reason. He was probably feeling he would find his ultimate love in Eyeronor.

And as he was travelling to the operations theatre, he was feeling in advance that a strange and unique venture was waiting for him.

The first contact between Diana and Eichar was cold and distant but Eichar noticed and was immediately hit by the secret sorrows and the particular soul of Diana. He was afraid. He saw her heart, rocky, cold, black, but he also saw the jewels that were hidden in its deep end.

In the beginning, their relations were not that easy, but they were working as efficient and performing professionals. And progressively, Eichar learnt to know more about Diana. He was worried about all the issues she was regularly experiencing with the other officers. He was sad with her lack of emotions, her lack of empathy, her lack of understanding.

And he was wanting to help her.

And he did, by many means, as he could.

For a few months, their relationship, with ups and downs, improved step by step and they managed to be consistent and good colleagues, if not friends. They were reasonably trusting each other.


Then, the great battle happened. A new enemy entered in the battle and a new fight started inside of Eyeronor.

The tyrant had named a new general of the army a few times before to try and change the course of war. But the new general was a betrayer and was trying by any mean to undermine the power and the influence of the tyrant. He hired a lot of new mercenaries to support him and to backstab those who were loyal to the tyrant.

Eichar was a mercenary, so, you understand, he was not worried about the new situation. He was placed under the authority of the new general and would execute his instructions as normal. He was tempted to resign and leave, not being very happy to participate in such inner ugly politics, but he stayed, only to go on helping Diana.

But Diana was totally loyal to the tyrant and could not accept the tricks of the general. The worst of them was that he appointed a new mercenary to supervise Diana, arguing he had already fought against the new enemy before, but the hidden purpose was to ultimately eliminate and kill her.

Diana was feeling this threat, but without be really aware of the whereabouts.

Eichar knew, precisely, because he had information from the headquarters.

So, one night, he had to make a decision. Save Diana or let the things go. He thought of it all night long but realized he was there because of that, to make the right decision. And the choice came easy. He realized he would have to save her and to be loved by her to get his wings back. To become an angel again. He was knowing that he would have to fight for her and protect her against the general and his mate, probably until death, but he had to love and be loved, his wings and his freedom were at this cost.

In the morning, he told Diana the issues, the lethal threat that was on her, and that he would defend and protect her until death, for he was loving her. He didn’t mention about the wings and the angels. Angels don’t do that. He only asked Diana whether she was in agreement or not. And she replied “yes”. For Eichar, the answer was enough. He was assuming she had all understood.


The battle was terrible, awful, with a lot of casualties. The new enemy had monsters-like mercenaries that were killing by injecting a poison to their victims, causing an infectious disease with immediate effects that were likely impossible to treat and to get healed from.

Internally the general’s mate attacked Diane, softly in the beginning, but harder and harder along the battle.

Diana was resisting and defending herself cleverly and with subtlety, but soon she would have been overwhelmed.

Eicher got several wounds against the enemy but nothing bad enough to put him down.

One evening, the mate came to give the final shot to Diana but Eichar was vigilant, he intercepted him and during the fight that followed, he killed him.

Though the tyrant congratulated him for his action, saying that he knew the mate was a backstabber and was endangering Diana, one week after Eichar was captured by the men of the general, deported to the headquarters and then disgraced. He had just the time to say goodbye to Diana before he was taken away.

Of course, he tried to contact her, but though she said she will try to help him in the early times, intervening towards the tyrant to change the general’s decision, she did nothing and after a while, he did not receive any answer any more.

From his own kingdom where he was staying again, far in the north, he was knowing what was happening in Eyeronor. He was knowing the battle was going worse and worse.

He was asking news to Diana regularly but after a while she did not reply any more.

He learnt she had been betrayed again and severely wounded and had been deported as he had been, back to her own kingdom.

Once, he received a letter from her, saying she was very sick and down.

He replied, giving his help. He sent all he could to Diana to help her and give her hope, faith and courage.

But she stayed quiet and silent. For years.


One day, Eichar received a message from Diana.

She was saying: “I was thinking of you and of all the incredible help you gave me…”

He caught a flight to the kingdom where Diana was living.

When he arrived there, he bought a single red rose, took a taxi and rode to the restaurant he had invited her and dated her.

She was there.

They just say hello.

She was pale, tired, but not thin, due to the treatment she was receiving for her disease.

He gave him the rose, saying “you know what it means”.

Her tired eyes had the sparkle he knew so well from Eyeronor.

And she gave him a lovely smile.

They did not talk a lot during the lunch, only small talks.

He had chosen the best wine of the restaurant, knowing she was very fond of it.

At the end of the lunch, Eichar went: “I have three important things to tell you before I leave”.

She stared at him, her eyes full of a mix of curiosity and anxiety.

First, I know you don’t like the word, I wrote it to you already before but I never pronounced it in front of you. Now I say, I love you.

Second, you gave me more than anyone ever gave me. You gave me that love and you gave me my identity.

Last, now I leave because I have to. And because of you, I leave free and happy.

She had tears in her eyes.

She uttered, but… But I love you too…

He smiled. He said, yes, I know… I feel it… And you will be free too…

And I must go now.

They stood up and they exchanged a hug, soft, warm, tender. No kiss. Her eyes full of tears were shining, her smile was like a moon.

He touched her hand a last time, swept a tear rolling down her cheek and jumped into a taxi and disappeared.

Diana drove to the hospital, where she had a scheduled appointment with her practitioner, for her regular treatment to desperately try to save her.

“How are you feeling” he asked. “Very well, indeed” she said. “Yes, you look like” he went, frowning.

After all the usual tests and analysis, the doctor told her “really funny it is, you look really better and some of the bad infections you had seem to have disappear… But it’s impossible… There must be something wrong with the machine… Would you mind coming back tomorrow to redo the tests, there’s something awkward?”. “No” she said “see you tomorrow then” and she drove back to her house.

When she arrived, her sister was in, waiting for her.

She said “you look happy my dear”

And laughing “did you meet love?”

Diana replied “yes, maybe…”

She went to the window and opened it.

The full moon was rising in the sky, only shadowed by some lazy clouds.

She stared at the moon, and between the clouds, she saw a shape like a large bird flying slowly but mightily, rising in the sky.

Her sister said “please, my dear, hurry up. Remember we have this dinner”

Diana was looking at the moon.

She was feeling some strange scratching just behind her two shoulders. Her heart that she was not feeling beating for so long was now riding like a wild horse in her chest. The pain in her breast had vanished.

The great bird was diminishing. Soon it would be too late.

She said “oh, sorry, I just remember now, I forgot, I have another dating tonight… I will not come with you”

“Oh, are you sure? You will not be alone?”

“Yes I am sure… I will never be alone now…”

“Oh, you, you are worrying me… Are you sure you are not in love?”

Diana smiled, still looking at the sky. The great eagle was now only a tiny point in front of the moon. But he was slowing down, just gliding. He was waiting for her.

“Ah, we never know, do we?” And “quick, you will be late, don’t worry for me, I’ll be fine”. And, lower “I’ll be free…”

Her sister gave her a kiss “Good night then, see you tomorrow”.

“Good night… And, please, don’t forget to love…”

Diana removed her shirt.

The scratching was now intense behind her shoulders and looking into the mirror, she saw two immense, immaculate and resplendent white wings growing in her back.

She thought for a second she would have liked to say goodbye to her parents.

She was now feeling her heart beating as never before: surely, mightily, steadily, flowing full of serenity.

She had no pain any more.

She had even not any effort to do to move her wings, they were moving by themselves and in an instant she took her flight in the light air.

The great bird had disappeared.

At the place he was before, there was now a star shining brightly and without any hesitation, Diana flew straight to it, like an angel through the night.


I have two questions that I never succeeded to answer:

In this story, who is the warrior and who is the angel? And which one of the two saved the other one?

Hervé Sabattier - October 2016

Hervé Sabattier 26/10/2016 · #2

#1 Thank you Melissa. Yes, we are all angels and we all save each other. We all have this power... Have a nice day or night, wherever you are...

+1 +1
Melissa Hefferman 9/10/2016 · #1

Maybe they were each both and they both saved each other. :)