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The Dog and the Owl

The Dog and the Owl

For sometimes now, I sent a few emails to a friend of mine who is very dear to me and who is fighting breast cancer, to try comfort and support her.

She was not replying, but recently I received a message from her, telling me that my emails "help more than I think".

Here is my response to her:

"My dear friend,

Thank you for the rainbow you sent me.

I could feel you smile.

Nice you’ll have your own quiet place far from the crowd and hopefully the second phase of your treatment being less invasive will be less painful and tiring.

It’s also good to know you’ll make consulting. Be it short time, it will keep you busy, connected, aware of your skills and ready to learn new things.

It makes me proud of you and of your courage that I trust will help you get through your tiredness.

I am happy to know my emails help.

It’s the very reason I send them to you.

You know, my dear friend, it’s because I remember.

I remember how it feels when you find yourself falling down a deep dark hole, not knowing if it’s bottomless and if you will see the li