Hervé Sabattier en Poésie, beBee in English, Poetry Mentor - HR/OD Consultant - Leadership Coach • Mentalor 19/3/2017 · 1 min de lectura · +700

The Swimmer

The Swimmer

Every morning, he swims from the beach
Perfect swimmer, straight to the offshore
Swimming waters far away to reach
Swimming waters deep ways from the shore

Every morning, he swims with the fish
“Hello sea gull, hello eagle ray
Hello turtle, I am not selfish
I am only swimming on my way”

Every morning, swims a bit farther
Farther away from the sunny beach
And every day he swims back harder
From waters always harder to reach

Every morning, feels a bit harder
To reach the shore swimming on back way
And his efforts in warmer water
Are harder and harder every day

Every morning he’s swimming farther
Knowing one day he will have to stay
Offshore. Oh! One day, he’ll surrender
For he’ll be swimming so far away

Hervé Sabattier - March 2017