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The Traveler frustrated by Airlines

The Traveler frustrated by Airlines

The Traveler travels a lot.

He has always been traveling worldwide, across the deserts and the oceans, over the mountains and the fields, from big cities to pristine islands.

He travels walking, sailing, riding, flying, but he definitely prefers flying.

This is not because it is faster or safer or fancier, but the Traveler is an airliner fan from his younger age and he loves flying in the comforting noise of the powerful engines.

His airliners knowledge is second to none and when he looks at them through the windows from the airport lounge or on the tarmac, he greets them. He talks to them. They are his friends. He knows them for such a long time.

He likes them all but his favorite is the long and classy Airbus A340 series 500 and 600 in her mighty elegance and her inspired cat nose.

The Traveler never had an issue with flying, despite some incidents here and there, as anyone would have experienced from time to time, but nothing enough to spoil his pleasure.

The Traveler is a happy flyer and he is like a wingless bird when he is not flying.

Of course, he is a frequent flyer registered in a number of famous airlines, such as British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines or Qantas and they all consider him as a valuable customer.

The Traveler is a happy traveler.

However, recently he experienced his first true dissatisfaction when flying. A true and deep frustration. And this happened not with one airline only, but with them all.

The Traveler became frustrated by the airlines because of love.

We all know how procedures and rules may be frustrating and we all have experienced some bothering and upsetting