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The Whisper of the Ghosts

The Whisper of the Ghosts

In front of your mirror when your hair is untied
Into your eyes you find the tears that your heart hosts
You see what tires your mind and you hear with no hide
The whisper of the ghosts

You try to remember and you try to forget
You remember your fear when expecting a post
And had only to hear as a deafening threat
The whisper of the ghosts

You forget who loved you, you forget innocents
Without remembering why you were harming by lots
But are now revenged by instead of the absence
The whisper of the ghosts

And if one day you meet a distant friend again
Forgotten long before and hurt until he’s lost
Would you acknowledge him or let whirl in your brain
The whisper of the ghosts?

Forgive the careless friends and forgive the odd words
Forgive yourself again, forgive who you forgot
And let your forgiveness silence with a bold sword
The whisper of the ghosts

Hervé Sabattier - March 2018

Relentlessly focused on people, I am an international and multi-industry Human Resources executive offering more than 25 years’ people development experience combined with astute business acumen and a verifiable track record of delivering value safely and responsibly.

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Maylanne Hadley 10/3/2018 · #1

LIFE'S circumstances brings you to apoint WHERE you need to fight BACK and not live in fear. Starting a NON-PROFIT to help not just mysel BUT to those that needs the help support. We humans need those that believes in peace in every aspect [ OUR EARS]