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1950 Dodge, 1975 Dodge Dar Sport And 1971 Plymouth Cuda

1950 Dodge, 1975 Dodge Dar Sport And 1971 Plymouth Cuda

What good route to publish the convenience of motor cases allowing 5.7 and 6.4-liter Mopar crate motors to slip harmoniously under the hood of pre 1976 street-rod work than to rebuild some of them. That seems to be the explanation behind three vintage Mopar duties at the 2016 SEMA show. We loved a 1950 Dodge, a 1975 Dodge Dar Sport and a 1971 Plymouth ’Cuda.

The ’Cuda is the work of car restorer Mark Worman, from TV’s Graveyard Carz. One of Worman’s personal vehicles, the ’Cuda is a largely capital make, with the omission of the 392-cubic-inch, 6.4-liter Hemi box motor, here joined to a six-speed Tremec manual transmission.

The Dart Sport, its mixture complete a compelling zigzag on Chrysler’s iconic Plum mad purple, is by Speedhunters. Project named Yankee, it features the 354-cubic-inch, 5.7-liter Hemi united with a manual transmission moved by a hurst stagehand. Project Yankee is a practice make and features a Mcleod Racing grasping and flywheel, a 8.75-inch breed extremity, a Yukon limited-slip diff and Yukon shafts, Baer front and breed brakes, a Hotchkis mixture and 17-inch Rays wheels among other aftermarket parts. But the champion information may be the Japanese license plate.

The 1950 Dodge D100 pickup, by Detroit’s Saldana’s Speed Shop, almost looks as if it was just moved out of a Nebraska grainfield. Well, except for the steer school breeze mixture that drops the body debased over the 20-inch Detroit alloy wheels, which are powder-coated white. Under the two-piece, center-hinged criminal sits a 392 Hemi box motor, again joined to a manual transmission. Inside the compartment, the regenerated gauges sit in the genuine and definitely unrestored elegance. The seat has been reupholstered in gray leather, which also appears on the performer, but we love that the rusted unclothed floor was left intact.

Our picks can be erroneous but among these box-engined creations, it’s beautiful solid to top the D100.

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