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1950 Studebaker Dragster

1950 Studebaker Dragster

The 1941 Dodge Sgt. Rock featured earlier at SEMA was not the only automobile to bay class with the under-restoration Memphis Belle B-17 airplane bomber. This Studebaker practice also is conveyed to be a politeness to the large World War II plane, albeit a slightly more apparent one.

It’s really the message that raise this Stude and raps like the pinup female on the front obstruction, reproducing the chemoreceptor creation on the “Memphis Belle” and the bomb graphics, 25 in all, equaling the genuine plane’s boffo ambushing runs, are delightfully well evaluated out. The designs Nazi and Japanese equivalent the planes the Belle shot down during the war. It almost doesn’t interest that the vehicle has a full NHRA-certified rotate area and practice reared obstructions being over large action tires.

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