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1977 Dodge Macho Power Wagon And Macho Ramcharger

1977 Dodge Macho Power Wagon And Macho Ramcharger

If you were a kids in the 1980s and enjoyed the TV successions Simon & Simon that ran from 1981 to 1989, you already know the Macho Power Wagon. Rick Simon’s red Dodge truck was one of the toughest-looking TV trucks this side of The Fall Guy’s GMC K2500 truck.

Of course, a copy of that one wasn’t accessible down at your local GMC merchant, but from 1977 through 1981, Dodge did make the Macho Power Wagon.

The Macho collection could be requested on 4x4 trucks and Ramcharger SUVs and had name flat-black marking and big Power Wagon designs covered vertically on their formations. It seemed that most instances were white, red or orange and all trucks had a roll bar in the bed colorant the same color as the body.

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