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1977 Pontiac Trans Am And 1976 Ford LTD Bad Blood

1977 Pontiac Trans Am And 1976 Ford LTD Bad Blood

A husband and wife Custom Shop action that has been making SEMA vehicles since the 1990s, is no immigrant to turning out superb steers for the Las Vegas show. The team’s 2016 effort referred acting the already perfect Trans Am and stirring out an act, just look at this child.

The afflicted Pontiac was find in Valspar colorant’s kiosk, as it is covered in the brand’s Prospray colorant. There’s no ask the deep-red colorant garments the Trans Am’s shape well, as do the chestnut-colored indoor and the low-profile tires on contemporary American sprinting basket-weave machines. The totally regenerated Pontiac also packs a 450-hp Chevrolet LSX V-8, Wilwood brakes and a MagnaFlow gas exhaust.

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