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2016 Ram 1500 Rebel Mopar 16

2016 Ram 1500 Rebel Mopar 16

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Pros : Better steer standard, masculine

Cons : non functional scoops, off road latex

In an epoch of increasingly advanced trucks, the limited edition Mopar ’16 thrust 1500 truck strikes a moderately insubordinate note, publishing its being with a singer profound gas note that’s oppressed enough to be court ordered but is a clear message that yes, this situation has a Hemi.

There’s a discrimination between this Mopar-massaged truck 1500 Rebel and the standard version. The base engine in the truck 1500 Rebel is Chrysler’s 305-hp 3.6-liter V-6. The 500 copies of the Mopar ’16 Rebel collection all include the 395-hp 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, indicated on the framework aculeu as an $1150 option that is also accessible without opting into all the Mopar enterprises. The V-8 is united with a $500 ZF eight speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode with no paddles, same as in the orderly truck Rebel. The Mopar impression also includes the same fabric black 17 inch wheels as the Rebel, wearing a set of semi-knobby Toyo A/T Open Country tires, coated 285/70, coming with four wheel drive system as standard.

This truck includes nearly $8000 in non Mopar options, the content of the situation is the Mopar ’16 Shop collection, which includes a blacked out debased front fascia, Mopar hood graphic,s side panel graphics, black bolt on wheel shapes, a powder-coated front-end skidplate. With the omission of the extra skidplate, none of this is actually structural but adds $2800 more.

Tires and addon on shapes suggests that the Mopar ’16 is intended as a category of desert animal, in the vein of the Ford F-150 Raptor. Standard ground clearance for the truck 1500 Quad compartment is 9.2 inches, but the air springs increase about an inch more and could control desert whoop de dos at a retiring rate. And those gangling Toyos look like they’d be beautiful able in the knockabout filth and soil, the category of desert situation where the Rapor made its honor by good of mixture improvements that go far heavy than increasing another inch of ground clearance.

But as with the preceding Mopar distinctives there have been a half-dozen, one per year since 2010, Mopars ’10 through ’15, with the Rebel the first based on a Ram truck the actual component here is to setting some of the nutriments in Mopar’s large storehouse. But the 2016 collection doesn’t do much for the Ram Rebel besides making it look even more masculine. The only omission is Mopar’s cat back exhaust system and cold breezed intake, which are dealer installed options beyond the ’16 collection.