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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Official Information

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Official Information

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Current Jeep Cherokee may be getting long in the bone, but Jeep is doing quite a bit to keep it fresh for the next year or two until its substitution arrives, along with an even impressive Grand Wagoneer. Same applies to that magnificent, range-topping defense of hedonism, the 475-hp Grand Cherokee SRT, which gets its own exclusive facial rejuvenation that includes a brand-new front fascia, brand-new opening, and fog lamps while it awaits a more mighty engine option next year.

The look appears more contrived and less different than before, commencing with the de-emphasis of car’s name seven-slot opening, which now appears as a thin black image that joins the darkened lights. The fascia’s debased breeze intakes are more like those of the Dodge Charger SRT than a masculine take on the Grand Cherokee’s female like look. Whether the specialists deliberately strove to conceal that it’s a Jeep, or whether they just got so thought on creating an SRT personality and overseeing flow to air-conditioned its stonking powerplant that they inadvertently de-Jeeped the face, the phenomenon is the same.

All part of an impressive Cherokee facelift and a rewritten version roll for 2017, including the beginning of the knockabout Trailhawk version, a lifted degree version, and brand-new openings across the committee that made their first impression on the 2016 Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition.

The good information for SRT devices is that they left the barrel-chested 6.4-liter Hemi V-8, with all of its 475 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of wind, well enough alone. It sets with an eight speed automatic transmission with eight drive modes as Auto, Sport, Snow, Track, Tow, Valet, Eco and Custom­, it remains the only SRT version that channels the fire-breathing utter of that Hemi V-8 to all four wheels, further supported by open regulate that optimizes the engine, transmission, driveline, steadiness regulate, and mixture calibrations for commanded opening propulsions. Irrespective opinions about looks, it’s as entertaining to steer as before. 2018 Hellcatted arrives with 707 hp. It’s likely to be the most mighty car on the planet when it appears next July wearing the name Trackhawk. 2017 SRT commencing price remains at $67,790.

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